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Wordle in a Minute – 2nd December 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Well, the title is always #Wordle in a Minute! Never mind what the truth is …


  1. ok, definitely not feeling bad for my 5 guess then, since at least I got it very fast, and actually considered this one to be easy (never got stuck, although it required several guesses):

  2. Mark’s opening word sequence currently:


    Theme: ???

    For some reason my first instinct was sounding out supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. But the closes Wordle word I can find that would fit that is KYLIE or KILEY, which is a type of boomerang…

  3. only two possible words were GENRE and NEGRI

  4. Well done Mark! I went through a similar thought process, the main difference being that I sat staring at it in dumbfounded silence for ten minutes before inspiration arrived.

  5. 4 on my end also.

  6. Missed an opportunity to say "nice" after "69", like Simon said at the end of the 3 hour video 😂

  7. SLATE-PRONE-NERVE-GENRE. This was a tricky one! As we are at the beginning of a series, we don’t have enough information to know what tomorrow’s starting word will be.

  8. This one was brrruuutal.

    Stare > Fibre > Drere > some > thing > Genre

    I got it in 6, I don't even remember all the words I used since i was so blindsided by green RE at the end. Fibre is a British spelling, Drere is an obsolete spelling, i was floundering.

    The worst part is I never thought of Genre. While trying random combinations of letters ending in RE on google to see if something had a meaning, Genre came up in the drop down suggestions for something i was starting to write. Shameful!

  9. It's sort of nice to see Mark sound out gibbrish words between 1:05 and 1:20 or so. Sometimes I sound out the craziest things in situations like these. Not very often that Mark gets put in that spot.

  10. One of the rare occasions where it took Mark longer than me.

  11. Used Mark's starting word from the day before and got it in three. TANGO > GENIE > GENRE.

  12. I had the same problem. lol
    A L I E N

    C R O N E

    E N T R E

    G E N R E

  13. It took me almost all day to figure this one out, coming back to it from time to time. Impressive, Mark – thanks for the fun.

  14. I forgot my 1st word but I saw that I could type "negro" in for my 2nd and was curious if they'd even accept it. Don't know why they wouldn't but I typed it in anyways and got a LOT of info 😅😅

  15. I did start with "AUDIO" and had therefore all letters wrong. Then I tried "GREEN". From there it was a piece of cake.


    Tricky one, for sure. Also, nice streak, Mark.

  17. "my goodness, that's hard" — still does it in 4. this was a 5er for me and I was lucky.

  18. Words with non-english pronunciation are always brutal.

    I got it in four through brute force as much as anything. GHOST, GLEAM, GRIPE, GENRE. Stared at it a long time between three and four just trying to figure out literally anything that was even possible.

  19. Today's game gave me more bother than any other.

    I play by the "hard mode" rule and had trouble finding guesses ending in "RE".
    I finally came up with GENRE, taking about 3 hours to finish today, including breaks and a sleep.






  20. STERN > INURE > NACRE > GENRE. Not easy!

  21. SUGGESTION : I think it would add a delightful element of suspense to have an on-screen digital timer counting down your self-imposed minute.

  22. Similar thought process here.
    I thought, that N had to be first, too, and had the E and R like Mark.
    I came up with words I considered racist and didn't want to try. 😂😅
    I was really happy when inspiration stroke and the only racist was my thought process. 🙈

  23. Nice job, Mark! This one took a while for me, too. You got it much faster than I did

  24. im always so glad when mark has trouble with ones i had trouble with. even though this one took me probably ten minutes

  25. "They don't give us words that I haven't heard of, that would be really really surprising" is a delightful understatement coming from the man who routinely does the Times Monthly Club Special without using a dictionary!

  26. I was lucky with my 2nd word giving me the R & G. Got it in 4 like Mark. Nice.

  27. For the first time I beat You on this one!

  28. Well done, Mark! It took me forever to get this.
    We've had sushi & genre now… I suppose pizza is coming soon? Just to kill everyone's streak for Christmas? (sarcasm)

  29. It doesn’t happen often, but its nice to see Mark facing a similar struggle 😅

  30. I went SHIRT, ALONE, ENURE, and then, just like Mark, spent some time thinking "but there's no way the N can go third." Since I talk about GENRE every blessed week in my ilterature classes, I really should have got this a whole lot faster — it was, of course, my fourth guess, but it took a very long time to come up with it. 😺💚

  31. The words that aren't pronounced as they are spelled are always the tough ones for me

  32. i guess genre for guess 4 (1:10 into the video), good job Mark!! The one minute goal is an extension on the rules imposed by yourself, so not to worry, you are fine for the streak!

  33. That was a HARD one. In 4: staiN->could->NERvE->
    😮I couldn't wrap my mind around putting nr together. Till I had to. 😅🎉🎉🎉🎉

  34. Think I was lucky to get that in 3. HORSE RANGE GENRE.

  35. Darn it, there was only one word left after turn 2, I screwed up by reusing the wrong-spot 4th E in the same spot on turn 3 🙁

    Wordle 896 4/6*

    🟨⬛🟨🟨⬛ EARNT
    🟨🟩⬛🟨🟨 NEVER
    🟨🟩🟩🟨⬛ RENEW
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 GENRE

  36. This took me a LOOOONG time, but I did finally get it

  37. We entered the SUPER difficult REALM of a word puzzle GENRE where a minute flies by like a HERON.

  38. 1:06 well I thought of a similar word but I realised there's no O

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