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Wordle in a Minute – 2nd April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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We get to W in our body parts opening words sequence – where will we go tomorrow?


  1. You could make like a tree and consider XYLEM a body part.

  2. Reverse alphabetical order of whatever topic you end up with?

  3. What about plans next? Alphabetically.
    The first word could be ALGAE.

  4. I started with ENTRY and then tried STACK – great 4 letters in order – and then STICK and then STUCK and got STOCK on the fifth turn.

  5. Managed this one in only 2 guesses starting with the previous days word of MARCH. Was very suprised how lucky i got.

  6. Very similar guess pattern to mine only I went – Stick, Stuck, Stock so felt like more near misses.

  7. PATCH>STICK>STACK>STOCK This a bit embarrassing since my teenage job was a warehouse stock boy. I also worked as an equities trader. Sheesh.🙄

  8. Suggested categories: Food – wide open with lots of possibilities; Words from the titles of famous movies – Birds from The Birds, Opera from A Night at the Opera, etc.

  9. 4 guesses on this one
    Snake -> Slick -> Shock -> Stock

  10. Locations maybe? Attic, Booth, Crypt, Depot, etc.

  11. I really dislike how youtube is pushing for the "shorts" format, because it's mostly overly shortened videos. But this is actually a perfect puzzle of choice for it! Especially with someone as fast with word puzzles as Mark.

  12. This took a few tries with the many options ST___ gives you, but we got there in the end.

  13. I kinda wish the thumbnails wouldn't spoil the ending

  14. Mark’s opening word streak currently, possibly in full:


    Theme: 5-letter body parts, alphabetically

    Well, I think this is it. I haven’t found a 5-letter body part starting with X, Y or Z that I think is acceptable…

  15. How about music-related words in the lead up to Eurovision?

  16. 2 odd words to start with, but got there in 4…

  17. I got the STOxx and was afraid of hard mode hell setting in; your pattern of STxxK seems easier to fill in. (I did get it without too much futile searching, thankfully.) I’m also thankful for these shorts, Mark.

  18. Zebra is a good word for your z with 5 different letters?

  19. I'm getting more sixes than I'd like! Even had the STO on the second try and it still took all of them.😡 Flora, Stove, Stony, Stoop, Stoic, Stock

  20. Got it in three. Feint, turbo and stock. I ALMOST had it in two. I was so close to playing stock second but I chose turbo because of the double vowels.

  21. Objects in a house. Light, table, chair, floor, etc.

  22. Xysta or xysti refer to parts of or even entire gymnasiums in ancient Greek and Roman societies. It's tangentially related to the human body lol.

  23. My second was steak, too, and then I went directly to stock — shirt, steak, stock. It's a rare day when I get it in fewer goes than Mark!
    Also, Mark's streak is up to 198 — with luck, he'll hit 200 in the puzzle of 4 April which we'll see on Wednesday. Yaay, Mark!


    Not coming up with any X body parts, myself. But we made it this far without succumbing to childishness, so I call that a win.

    We had a list of alphabetical mammals before; maybe try going for avians?

  25. For theme suggestions…

    – Natural features (e.g. river, knoll etc.)
    – Rooms (as @LazerWulf suggested)
    – Musical instruments / terms

  26. Theme suggestion – things you would find in a public park, eg Hyde Park.
    Dogs, kites and all their parts, picnic baskets and their contents, paths, grass, etc

  27. I got it in 4: Mouse, Stoop, Story, Stock. I was very relieved. I am learning to play the piano so I suggest musical terms and instruments. I look forward to Mark's shorts every day but not until I solve todays puzzle.

  28. Just once, I'd like to see the word be STONK

  29. Steak and Stock suggest you need go for the food.

  30. Suggestion: music genres! Off the top of my head, you could have something like ARENA BLUES CHANT DISCO

  31. Nice solve Mark! Love the red sweater, as always.
    Did my taxes today, so I don't even care that I got this one in 2 guesses. All I have to say is 'ouch'. OUCHY OUCH OUCH
    See you tomorrow. 👋

  32. Suggestion for next set of words? Starting word on day one has to end with the first letter of the starting word on day two, and so on.

  33. What about X and Y chromosomes (crome and sooms are acceptable wordle words) I know it’s a bit of a stretch but 🤷‍♂️

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