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Wordle in a Minute – 29th May 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Another crack at Wordle in a minute, or less – from Paris, France.


  1. Why did you try Swipe in the second chance?

  2. Yesterday, I played my Wordle at Disneyland. Feeling the spirit of the occasion, I decided to pick the starting word MOUSE. My friends and I were both amazed having guessed the word on the first try. They thought I was tricking them, but it was genuine!

  3. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter movie titles, alphabetically

    DOUBT is a 2000 film, that could work. Strangely DUMBO is accepted by Wordle? So there’s that as well

  4. The 2004 Oscar-winner, or the 1990's Cronenberg film?

  5. Lucky Mark strikes again! I almost shared your luck but went with House for my 3rd. Ovine>Store>House>Mouse

  6. Mouse has been my opening word for a couple of weeks… Bit of a shocker yesterday 😁

  7. What? Your version stops you from entering a word that doesn't match where the S had to be?

  8. Luck or Logic? After the yellow O on the second guess, the O's most likely spot was 2nd followed by a vowel with only OI or OU as options. _OUS_ leads to MOUSE since H (HOUSE) and L (LOUSE) were already used. JOUST, POISE and NOISE were also possible.

  9. One of those instances where I get caught out by thinking MOUSE surely would've been the word before and go for something else first.

  10. SPARE -> CHOSE -> MOUSE (lol I don't think I've heard the word "numpty" before" 😂)

  11. CANDY-FLESH-MOOSE-MOUSE. Once again, there are several options for the next word, including DRIVE (2011), DINER (1982), DEMON (2015), DREDD (2012), etc.

  12. starting with a one vowel word to get a three vowels word

  13. Another 5 guess day for me. Once again I choked by not using the U in guess 2 or 3.


    I started playing Canuckle also. That game will give you a backstory of the word answer. A nice touch IMHO

  14. I used one of my favorites HOUSE, and got one of my few 2 guess <10 second winners. Today’s nearly drove me mad.

  15. Shaking my head … is the man psychic??! (Sidenote: did anyone else hear the Mickey Mouse Club theme song when the answer was revealed?🤗)


    I thought GOLEM might be a silly choice, but it got me exactly what I needed.

  17. having hard mode enabled saved you a guess there 😅

  18. And that's Wordle done, now you can get to watching the posh TV on the wall… Vivre Paris! 😁😁
    I also got it in 3, well done to both of us!! 🥳👏

  19. I was a bit lucky to get this in 4 – there were 6 words left after bloke (according to Wordlebot – I don't have the word list memorized)

  20. As soon as Mark said Crash, my screen froze and i had to restart the PC 🧐 what spell is this

  21. Three for me: SHIRT, ALONE, MOUSE. Not as showy as Mark's double-letter second word, I admit.

  22. First 2 in a long time!
    I just kind of felt like using the word pause.. felt very strange to get those last 3 correctly in place.

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