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Wordle in a Minute – 29th March 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Sometimes you need to make a bad guess just to keep the info flowing, when you’re trying to do Wordle in a minute …


  1. I learned "to beget" from 'the year of the witching' book(quite a good read), so this was relatively easy as they have the same structure. Never heard "besot"

  2. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter body parts, alphabetically

    Thank you for reminding me that T does, in fact, come after S. Anyway, there are plenty of options: TOOTH, THUMB, TORSO, TUMMY…

  3. If he did Ovary, does that mean the next word will be Teste?

  4. This went better than expected. 🙂

  5. Hard one, but a double E guess really helped.
    Auger – Chief – Noted – Steep – Beset

  6. I'm always impressed with Mark's ability to do Wordle while talking about something completely different. I have to focus on or the other. 3 for me. Snore>Least>Beset

  7. I guessed BESOT as well – great minds… (well one of them)

  8. SAINT —> MOLEY —> RESET —> BESET for me I usually go with SAINT, MOLEY/MONEY as my starting 2 words because they use almost all of the most used Vowels and consonants in English, I’ll understand the breakdown of a word by going with those 2 words as starters

  9. Can't wait to see the video with corrected audio

  10. Wait, they completely removed the March 27th video… now the streak of videos is ruined. Should've kept it, even with the poor audio.

  11. 5 on this one
    Train -> Mouth -> Steel -> Ester -> Beset

  12. Yes, quite strange. I had to set it aside after the onset of my guessing, so that I would not upset my streak. After a little while I was beset with inspiration. Whew. Thanks, as always, Mark.

  13. I, a German, needed all six tries yesterday because I literally didn’t know this word exists

  14. Took me 3 rounds, but probably about 8 minutes or so. I could not think of a word that fit..

    EARNT/CHEST/….. long pause …. BESET

  15. Yesterday was wordle number 420 for me…I need a life 😂 Arise, steel, beset…134th 3.

  16. lol I tried ISLET before I thought of BESET. 😅 got there in the end though!

  17. I went through BESOT just as Mark did — shirt, feast, besot, beset. Also "re-sat" is the past tense of "re-sit," that is, sit again — according to the OED mostly used nowadays in the sense of "re-take an exam," and therefore mainly British, which is presumably why it looked so odd to me.

  18. I did the same thing. I tried BESOT and then BESET

  19. Starting with one of Mark's words from the infamous Guano puzzle did me absolutely no good at all. However, Sheet for the third guess was a good choice — Guaco, Drift, Sheet, BESET.

  20. Always those sneaky repeating letters.

  21. This one really stumped me, got it on the last chance

  22. I'm familiar with this word almost exclusively because the path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness.

  23. Didn't get this one. Having trouble knowing when the new word is out in my time zone. Any hints?

  24. Got it in 4. GIVEN, Sweet, Reset, BESET.

  25. I also ended with besot, then beset in five. I only had o and e to put between s and t. I had no idea what either word meant. Never heard them before. It sounds more like old English, which I am just starting to uncover.


    I thought I might have had it with guess three, but not quite.

  27. So, tomorrow's word will be TOOTH.

  28. So many ppl guessed BESOT before BESET. This double letter thing makes Wordle a bit of another 5-letter word that starts with "B". 🐶
    Deftly done, Mark! 👏👏

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