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Wordle in a Minute – 29th April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Another attempt at getting Wordle done in sixty seconds – or less – in Hard Mode.


  1. Everybody thinking "If only this had been the word during Mark's last round of trees"…

  2. I royally messed this one up. I wanted to play CEDAR as my second guess but somehow thought it was spelled CEDER and didn't want to use a repeating E that early, so I changed it to CIDER.

  3. 4 for me, interesting how a tree was used now that Mark stopped that theme.
    Scale -> Decaf -> Cadet -> Cedar

  4. The starters: White -> Whine -> …

    I want to believe Mark's playing a meta-Wordle with his starters, now.

  5. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: ???

  6. Everybody in the comments thinks it’s something to do with letters, but another idea I have is that it’s somehow connected with food? White whine reads like white wine. But yeah starting with w is suspicious


    Fairly straightforward.

  8. SPARE -> EARLY -> CREAM -> CEDAR … I did get this pretty quickly but I'm a bit surprised wordle is using names of trees. It's not quite as egregious as using human names like mine (SARAH), but my mind kind of places tree names in a similarly "off limits" category. I guess I don't feel that way about food (like, OLIVE or even MAPLE) which are also types of trees. IDK. Maybe I'm just being silly about this.

  9. When I got this yesterday I thought “Oh darn if only this had been the word a couple weeks ago Mark could have gotten it in one”.

  10. Beard was a lucky second guess for me: Salsa, Beard, Cedar.

  11. A fairly routine 4, although you'd think I'd have thought of CEDAR before DEWAR 🙂

  12. Not very good guessing: SNORT > PERKY > REBEL > FEMUR > CEDAR

  13. If only that one had been a few weeks ago!

  14. I was so pleased with this one! And really thanks to you this time Mark!
    Force because I got my hands on Jedi Survivor and have been playing that a bunch haha 😅

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