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Wordle in a Minute – 28th April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Starting a new sequence of opening words, it’s … Wordle in a Minute!


  1. Memory is a funny thing, its june 18 when I'm writing this but I remember this wordle and exactly where I was when I solved it

  2. DUMPY – THINK – VICAR – CIRCAIt takes me about a million years longer and I just couldn't find anything after vicar for the longest time. Trial and error brought me to cir then circa april 28th 2023 I finally nabbed it

  3. I was lucky to get it in 2, by using Mark's word.

  4. didn't know this word, had to resort to brute forcing it

  5. Took me a few minutes to figure out there was a second C.

  6. Mine today was absolutely beautiful,
    Candy > Crate > Coral > Circa
    Moved the a one to the right every other guess, while getting more yellow and green along the way. It made a really beautiful stair lmao

  7. My guess for the new words after "white": brown, blond, orang, pinky, blues. (because Mark may like Quentin Tarantino)

  8. Looks like my streak reset to 0 yesterday. No idea why. 🤷‍♂️ Anyone else?

  9. I took 5 on this one. My 4th guess I had to reuse an O that I knew was wrong but I was stuck and needed any word to get me going again. Sythe>Board>Prima>Rioja>Circa

  10. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: ???

  11. I got the I and A first time but then had a hellish time getting the solve. Ended up getting in 6 but not a single yellow!!!

    VIOLA > TIBIA > PIZZA > SIGMA > NINJA > CIRCA 😅 feeling relieved


    Nice to see I wasn't the only one whose hopes were raised and dashed in quick succession as CIGAR was revealed.

  13. I love all your opening word sequences, Mark. Thanks for these daily treats. I agree, circa is a somewhat strange word for this game.

  14. Very strange word… bet that killed streaks 🙁


  15. Thanks to you mark i got this in 2. I was looking for inspiration for a starting word and i thought of "Lets get cracking"

  16. I had a hard time yesterday. Took me ages and I was mostly just tossing random letters around until something made sense at the end. 😅 SPARE -> MAYOR -> ACRID -> CIRCA

  17. Well, we both chose the same guess for the third attempt 😬

  18. I got it thanks to cigar as well! Took me a whole lot longer to think of circa though. Haha

  19. Took me all six despite beginning with a C: Cheek, Canon, Cramp, Coral, Curia, Circa.

  20. Literally this took me all day. CLEAN, CHAMP, CABBY, CURIA, CIRCA. Didn't think the the "a" was at the end.

  21. I got to circa by way of libra… which I was pretty sure was a proper noun. But, I'll take it!
    Nicely done, Mark! Either we're doing the reverse color wheel for lights, or perhaps your favorite Beatles' albums in order.😁
    Looking forward to tomorrow. Bye for now!!

  22. I also tried CIGAR as my 3rd try and easily found CIRCA to which I realized (and was hoping Mark would say) it was " close" but "no cigar"

  23. Not spoilers, but he's probably going to enjoy Saturday's Wordle.

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