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Wordle in a Minute – 27th October 2022

Cracking The Cryptic
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Starting a new chain of opening words today, but can Wordle be completed in a minute or less?


  1. Are the three words – HEART BREAK HOTEL

  2. I did it in three – FORTY – SPRAY – CARRY

  3. Took 5, I need better starting words.
    Flunk – Trade – Marsh – Parry – Carry

  4. I started with STAIN and then REGAL… and then I was distracted, shut down my phone and forgot to solve it. Bye, streak…

  5. I hate when the thumbnail spoils your entire guess path.

  6. Quite a few words with repeating letters lately.

  7. Lost on this one.
    White -> Gaudy -> Balmy -> Savvy -> Packy -> Canny

  8. 4 guesses for me.
    Mouse -> Plant -> Wacky -> Carry

  9. I love these shorts and your commentary. Thanks, Mark.

  10. I got mine 1 step earlier because I went STARE > ACORN > CARRY. I got the same two letters right off the bat, but got a C from ACORN instead of ADORN.

  11. There are about 4 million words that fit .a.ry and Mark gets the correct one at once. I went through two others and finally got carry on my 6th guess (shirt, alone, quark, marry, parry, carry) — Mark is amazingly lucky at these. Which, added to skill and talent, is just like NOT FAIR to us mortals!

  12. Took me 5 because I play too much golf and guessed CADDY.

  13. Heart is my normal starter, great to see it! If you want something more unique my 2nd is SCION

  14. It took me 6 after getting no hits on my opening 2 guesses. Blush>Point>Ready>Array>Marry>Carry

  15. i use faith, pours and blend in first three, covers all vowels and most commonly used consonants so it's easier ahead

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