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Wordle in a Minute – 27th May 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Starting another sequence of opening words, and trying to get Wordle done in a minute or less!


  1. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: ???

  2. If you're a Pastafarian, it is pronounced R'Amen

  3. ALIEN is one of favorite starting guesses. I had RAVEN, too, because of Lamar Jackson. Took me 4 though because I started with HOUSE. Anyway, hope my fellow Americans are having a great holiday weekend. Be sure to keep a thought for those that gave all.

  4. Your mispronunciation of that word made it so memorable, I was sure that it was the final word the other day, so I refused to guess it!

  5. Clean > Ramen
    probably will be my best til the end of the world lmao

  6. Next time Mark mispronounces a word, it becomes my first guess for the next month.

  7. I was a bit afraid this would turn into _A_ER hell but luckily it didn't.

  8. I should really have my morning coffee before trying Wordle. Took me 5 tries thanks to a wasted guess #3.

  9. 4 for me on this one.
    Lucky -> Steam -> Anime -> Ramen

  10. SPARE -> CREAM -> MAKER -> RAMEN (honestly I don't think I'd have even thought of that word at all had I not been watching these shorts 😅)

  11. Raven -> Ramen was also my second and third guess. My starting word is always Raise.

  12. I get so much pleasure from this little video. Thanks, Mark!

  13. Very similar path to the answer.
    Auger – Raven – Ramen

  14. This isn't the first time I've wondered whether the New Yotk Times Wordle editor is watching Mark's daily shorts and choosing answers accordingly. An odd coincidence that RAMEN came up after all that chatter about it

  15. A very similar path to Mark's 🙂

  16. I usually start mine with gears and polka


    I wonder how many other people went with RAVEN just before RAMEN.

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  19. I think the NYT is watching Mark's videos. 👀
    I see a lot of people tried RAVEN before RAMEN, but I got there by way of GAMER. 🕹
    Nicely done, Mark! 🥳

  20. Is a raven Simon's favorite bird, or just his favorite poem? And do ravens eat ramen?

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