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Wordle in a Minute – 27th March 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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A struggle to get Wordle done in a minute or less – despite a useful opening guess.


  1. Thanks for the daily shorts!

    Mark, check your equalization settings because in the last two videos the music covered almost entirely your words!

  2. Got lucky with my first guess of GIANT but then still took me 3 more goes as went GRAND, GUANA, GUANO

  3. Seriously? When Mark allegedly thanked me for suggesting QUADS, the video sound is corrupted. Where is justice in the world?:)

  4. A struggle to hear the commentary for a minute or more – despite a genius commentator. 🙂

  5. Mark, please re-upload this. We can't hear you over the music!

  6. I think this is literally the first time I've had a correct guess faster than Mark. That's just bat$#!+ insane.

  7. Glad to see Mark was also struggling with this one. Absolutely horrible wordle

  8. This word is ridiculous lol. Wasnt in the answer list prior to this lol

  9. What a batshit crazy answer that turned out to be

  10. Who edits these videos? Music is way too loud.

  11. I'm takin' away my thumbs up until they fix this!!😡

  12. I can’t hear what’s happening but did Mark not know the word guano? I got it in 4 field, hours about, guano. The only reason I hesitated was because I thought there’s no way the word is guano so I tried to think of another word. I couldn’t think of anything so I tried it.

  13. For everybody saying to ditch the music altogether, one time Mark forgot to include it, and you'd be surprised just how much the music adds to the feeling of urgency to get the word done in a minute. It drives the video forward. It's also a soothing soundtrack in the longer videos when he's struggling to find the solution. So, Mark, don't scrap the music, but do please check the levels.

  14. My lip-reading skills were severely tested and found lacking, sadly. Great facial expressions, though! Thanks, Mark. 😂

  15. REIGN

    Had a longer think than Mark for the last guess though…


    Seems like Mark had some interesting things to say about this one. Too bad we can't hear any of it. Perhaps they'll upload a fixed version later.

  17. This is the first time I can think or Mark trying a word that's not a word "just to see" when he tried guage. You could sort of hear him say something about it first then he tried it anyway. I don't do that a lot, but I definitely do sometimes and it's nice to see him try for once.

  18. Got this one in 5 myself: shirt, alone, donna, piano, guano. After quads and guava, there were only a few words left — my computer dictionary shows a dozen, which may be more than the official Wordle list. It's a pity not to hear Mark's line of thought here. I'm usually pretty good at hearing the words through the background music, and I don't usually meow about that kind of editing fluff-up, but it simply wasn't possible today😿

  19. Cannot hear a word. Background 'musak' too loud and totally not needed.

  20. SPARE -> THANK -> GLAND -> GUANO (I think this is one of the first times I got it before you!)

  21. I’m surprised how many people have been unfamiliar with this word, it even took Mark a couple minutes. Doesn’t everybody take a break from studying their 19th century colonial trade goods to go and make gunpowder from scratch?

  22. Got it in 5 after multiple guesses of nonsense words…as was this one. Shame on Wordle

  23. When I saw QUADS as the starting word, I knew he'd get it in 3. Turns out I was wrong and he struggled way more than I expected after GUAVA

  24. Guano was the first word I thought off beginning with "GUA", but I wasn't sure it existed in English…

  25. For the forst time an Ace Ventura-film came in handy 😂

  26. Firmly disagree with people saying get rid of the music. Just had the wrong volume settings.

  27. We should make our own comic version of “Mark’s” commentary…

  28. That conductor needs to tell his players to turn their instruments down

  29. Ha! For once I knew a word that Mark didn't! Comes from reading Tintin when I was a lad. 😊

  30. This was a bit shit.

    Sorry some puns are unavoidable, ill see myself out.

  31. I would rather hear what Mark was saying rather than listening to the muzak,so I ended up muting the sound.

  32. Fortunately, I had the AN pretty early on, but until PIANO showed those 3 greens, GUANO had never crossed my mind as a possible solution.


  33. great solve, the music was nice too

  34. Whether you got this one I think depends on how significant Ace Ventura: Pet Detective was to your childhood…

  35. Almost failed this one. GHOUL, GOUGE, GUIDO, GUSTO, GUMBO, GUANO. Never heard of GUANO so had to just try a few things that sounds like words!

  36. I also struggled on this one but for much longer than Mark

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