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Wordle in a Minute – 27th July 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Every once in a while, something goes wrong in the brain. But has it ever gone this wrong before?


  1. Thought of the word ‘disco’ while playing Wordle last week so I got this one pretty quick

  2. This is how Wordle goes every day for all of us mere mortals, Mark.

  3. Mark, you're still the GOAT! One game hardly defines your impressive performance the past year! 🥳

  4. SNORT > MOUSE > ADIOS > DISCO. I thought it was interesting that ADIOS was accepted.

  5. I kept trying to urge him to start with the D…😣


    Even though I got it in fewer turns, I had the same level of difficulty with this as Mark did. After two guesses with the same three yellow letter results, I had to stare at the screen for a good 5-10 minutes before I finally considered putting the O last. Definitely not an easy word to spot.

  7. I struggled with this one too. Weird structure of a word.

  8. Bro I hated this wordle almost as much as I hated hard mode on NYT's sudoku yesterday

  9. Lucked out with this one, as I'd been listening to the band Metric a lot lately, and their song Dead Disco. It is a rather unique word!

  10. That first and most likely last time I get the word before Mark 😏.

  11. I used sioux near the end. I also made two silly errors. I struggled for an hour, left it, went back and ginally got it in 5. Conclusion: 6 minutes is pretty good!!

  12. I couldn't remember the word myself even though I did the puzzle yesterday, and I still couldn't figure it out as I watched along lol. Sometimes just the remaining letters seem so odd you can't figure it out quickly!

  13. I appreciate that this solve is closer to what mine was today XD
    Unusually, got this one rather quickly. Got lucky with my first guess and took me 2!

  14. I didn’t know the word but after you played widow i was yelling disco for like 2 minutes 😂 I had quite a laugh, thank you!

  15. Loved this one! I had forgotten the word till about 4 minutes into the video when he started saying "dingo.. no…". Really fun to watch the thought process

  16. When you said RADIO for the fourth guess, you were so close to AUDIO, which would have worked!

  17. I played a very similar game haha. After I got it I said to my friends "that 'c' was diabolical!"

  18. got it in 3 – AUDIO -> DINGO -> DISCO

  19. This one took me awhile, too… And I finished in 5

  20. I'm embarrassed to say I was struggling right along with you, and I had already solved the puzzle the day before but forgotten.

  21. Could have also used "Audio" for the fourth guess which would give you even better information directly to the answer 🙂

  22. I think it's just an inherently hard word to get, I stared at it for ages as well.

  23. The trouble is that the Disco is NOT a usual word for English word model, so it doesn't come to mind at once.

  24. Its somehow comforting to know that you struggled as I did.

  25. When I'm really stuck, I take the known letters, use the letter "X" for the unknown letters, and try different arrangements. Many times that has help.

  26. "Wait why isn't this a sho-oh no… it's 7 minutes long…"

  27. Well done. When the word doesn’t immediately spring to mind it’s very easy to get into a spiral of nonsense words.

  28. Beautiful episode…maybe even the best of all and I love this music on these longer episodes. The struggle is so real and relatable. Happens to all of us, not just in wordle but in life.

  29. That was very tough today, i dont think i would have got that. Glad sioux wasnt accepted 🎉 excellent solve

  30. After IDIOM I was convinced the answer was AUDIO. But it wasn’t. Don’t feel bad, Mark. Even one solve in less than a minute is rare among us regular folk, and you do it nearly every day.

  31. No need to apologize, Mark — you persisted, you finished, and it didn't even take you 6 guesses. Welcome back to your streak. This was another very dramatic video: as soon as I saw the length, I had to wonder whether it was going to have a happy ending. I should never have doubted you! 😻💚

  32. DISCO SUX! It always has, it always will. It should never be on anyone's mind. 🙄 …It's also quite slangy, being short for discoteque. Tsk tsk. I wonder if we should expect "SLANGY" to be the answer soon <gives Spock eye>
    Thank you, Mark, for uploading this and letting us see your thought process.
    Seems like maybe the distraction of looking away at your phone for a split second helped break the fog. Must have been Simon calling to give you guff. 🤭🤭
    And the streak stays alive!!!!! 👏👏👏🥳🥳🥳
    (Thank you to the NYT for fixing it.)
    See you tomorrow!!

  33. This one took me a while also — but I don’t play the “hard” version so I could use different letters each time. RINSE/OCTAL/DUMPY worked for me.

  34. This solve had me on the edge of my seat for 6 minutes. The music really added to the tragedic feel 😂. If it makes you feel any better, I was thinking along, and also didn’t think of “disco” until you said it

  35. I figured out early that it had end with co and I was going crazy because I couldn't find any words that match and ended with co

  36. Panic at the disco – well done for sticking in there, Mark!

  37. I had so much trouble finding Disco that I guessed Cisco first. Jeez I felt dumb.

  38. As much as I don't enjoy to see you struggle, I also struggled with this one and I'm glad I wasn't alone

  39. I'm not a native speaker and I learn so many new words thanks to you. I have to say it was quiet nice that my simple vocabulary for once helped me see the answer faster than you. But still you shouldn't feel bad about this attempt at all. Sometimes our thinking is just too complicated and that's nothing to be embarrassed about!

  40. Had he been on an E starting word for July 28th, I feel like he might have gotten this word in one guess. It's just the type of quirky word he would pick. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

  41. It shouldn't be allowed to use "o" as forth letter after getting it yellow already

  42. He said "must have an S" so I put DIS as begging of the word

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