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Wordle in a Minute – 26th June 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Trouble is always afoot in Wordle in a Minute – today is no exception …


  1. I got this in 1 and was super excited. Dumb luck really. Guest is always the first word I use, followed by piano.

  2. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter alcoholic drinks, alphabetically (Different streak in-between: Words describing the Royal Ascot)

    VODKA is probably next; it’s probably the most obvious example of a 5-letter drink outside of BOOZE, CIDER & DRINK

  3. Egest worked well, because also Quest was possible, but after Quest guest is best guess

  4. This word tripped me up a little bit as well, eventhough the word itself isnt really obscure or anything

  5. Grief>Glean>Guest I got lucky mostly because I couldn’t think of any consonants that made sense with R and L out of the picture

  6. TONIC-LEAST-WREST-QUEST-GUEST. Next up could be USQUE (only valid U word that I found).

  7. What!! Is that the alternative spelling of the Hungarian brand "Tokaji"? 😳 Wow, that'd be so cool! 🇭🇺🎉

  8. after "wrest" you should have tried "build" which eliminates five letters at once.

  9. I did HOUSE -> QUEST -> GUEST. Getting the “U” in the first word was a big help.

  10. Five guesses, but overall not too difficult.

  11. I love these Wordle shorts. Thanks so much, Mark!

  12. I placed the U straightaway and then I struggled my way to a 6. Its obvious in hindsight but I was blind to that UE combo. Munch>Quail>Outer>Tuffe>Suety>Guest

  13. Started off with a green T and a yellow E, then the the yellow E went to all the wrong spots until it settled in with GUEST 🙂


  14. I'm noticing it's important to check those untested vowels. I didn't have the U early but got to GUEST in five once I found the UE combination.

  15. I got this in two with a lucky start GHOST and GUEST

  16. Stated with Mark’s starting word from a day earlier. STOUT->UPSET->QUEST->GUEST

  17. "Hello! Welcome back to wordle in a minute, I'm starting with tokay, well GUESSED…"

    Well….close kinda haha.

  18. I had last chance and I was thinking Guest or Quest 😀 Unfortunely chose the wrong one

  19. lol that opening sentence.. "Well guessed (guest) eronarve (?)" LMAO

  20. SMOUT–>BURST–>PHIAL–QUEST–>GUEST Did a test word with PHIAL that did nothing to help, LOL.

  21. When you enter hard mode like this, why don't you guess words that don't go in attempt to get more letters?

  22. I guessed “guess” as my second guess but should best have guessed “guest”.


    It's not an uncommon word, but in the context of Wordle, it's rather tricky.

  24. Like so many others I went through QUEST first — SHIRT, ALONE, QUEST, GUEST. Not sure why, since quest isn't all that common outside heroic sagas, gaming, and the like.

  25. We had a similar run yesterday, had **EST as 3rd option.
    Once my partner said "Quest" as 5th, i quickly got to Guest 😛 Such an utterly normal word that's so difficult to get to 😀

  26. When I’m pretty much finished I use a totally different word that contains a lot of my missing consonants to see what comes up yellow or green if I’m so lucky is that cheating?

  27. Mark's comment at the end of the short definitely got some laughs out of me

  28. "How hopeless"

    Mark you're so genuinely funny these make my day

  29. I lucked out and guessed CURSE second – pretty much guaranteed GUEST as the third, with QUEST on standby.

  30. Great end – "how hopeless" *video cuts
    Gave me a chuckle

  31. You didn't think of QUEST, Mark, you need to play more video games 😂😂
    Well done, avoiding a loss! See you tomorrow!! 👋👋👋

  32. Answer to the game on the 28th has a repeated letter. I am again concerned about the puzzle on 28th.

  33. I must not be much of a drinker, because most of these drink words are unfamiliar to me.

  34. Got it in two, ROACH>GUEST. 🤷‍♀️😅

  35. Got it in 2, was so surprised: STORM – GUEST

    pretty straight forward

  37. I start with ROATE. Blind luck GUEST in 2. I keep a list of prior solutions from CIGAR to GUEST. Today also 2/6.

  38. TIGER -> GUEST

    Hit this in two, thanks to LSU winning the College World Series and my girlfriend! We play together and she came up with guest as her second word!

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