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Wordle in a Minute – 26th July 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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There are days when Wordle gets posted late … and other days when it doesn’t.


  1. “Coldplay, I see you” got me laughing 😂 And it WAS all yellow 💛


    If I only had a longer attention span to notice a yellow R on my second guess, I'd have it in 3.

  3. Yeah my streak of 50+ also got cut short for some reason… 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♀️

  4. 4 on my end. At least I avoided the dreaded 5

  5. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter fish, alphabetically (DORAD stands for dorado)

    An ELVER is a young eel, but that’s not really a specific fish name. I think skipping to F for FLIER more likely

  6. I learn from even your opening word sequences. Thanks, Mark.

  7. I was kinda worried I'd get stuck in hard mode hell with the A, E and R, but getting the H right pretty much solved it.

  8. DANIO-STALE-HEART. I’m going with the EMBER tetra fish next.

  9. 4 guesses on this one.
    Cough -> Heavy -> Heard -> Heart

  10. HEART is an example of the CVVCC pattern. It is the sixth most frequent pattern of consonants and vowels found in the set of all valid Wordle solutions. Out of 2315 solutions, 137 words follow this pattern (Source: Josh Bernoff's Wordle Solution Explorer).

  11. There were only 2 words left after turn 2, Wordlebot tells me. Of course, I didn't think of either, so it took me 5 🙂

    🟨🟨🟨⬛🟩 EARNT
    ⬛🟨🟨🟨🟩 GREAT
    🟨🟨⬛🟨🟩 ARRET
    🟨🟩🟩⬛🟩 REACT
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 HEART


    I imagine more than a few people got this in one. It's probably a popular starting word.

  13. Love these Wordle in a Minute shorts – Is there a way you could include a custom thumbnail for them? When I view on PC the default thumbnail ends up spoiling half of the guesses!

  14. The streak broke because you started wordle before midnight and finished after midnight

  15. I lost my streak randomly too couple of weeks back, tried contacting their customer support and was told there was nothing they could do to help. Hopefully you get better results

  16. I got a 3 and also had a fishy guess. Taint>Sprat>Heart

  17. From REACT to HEART it took us 4 minutes – because we pronounced the "EA" in our heads like in "year" and "here"t sounded super weird and impossible.

  18. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio says:

    I love the creativity in your videos.

  19. I used to spend the better part of a morning solving a wordle. Since watching your videos for almost a year, I can now solve it in less than 2 minutes. Thanks for the tactics, Mark!

  20. Nearly lost this as i could of sworn 'Heart' was a previous answer. But went with it on my 5th try

  21. Coldplay… lol
    Thanks to watching these videos, every time I get all yellows I think of Coldplay.
    I don't particularly like Coldplay.
    Thanks, Mark.

  22. i got it in three :

    ⬜️🟨🟩⬜️🟨 Grape
    🟨🟩🟩⬜️⬜️ Reals
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Heart

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