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Wordle in a Minute – 26th February 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Mark tries to do Wordle inside a minute every day – sometimes he’s lucky, sometimes he’s unlucky …


  1. "It's better to be lucky than good" earned my like

  2. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter colors, alphabetically

    First of all, that was a really impressive guess, congratulations! As for tomorrow’s word, EOSIN is apparently a red dye if Mark was to stay on E. For F there’s FLAME, but I don’t think I’ve seen it used as a color by itself. Skipping that could be the evergreen… well, GREEN.

  3. That's funny. But realistically, how many words were available?

  4. Me 2! doUbt, SYRUP. ( Syrup is one of my Quordle words). I was looking forward to trouncing Mark for once 🙁

  5. Brilliant!!!!🎉 👌😄

    I got it in 6, my brain had dismissed syrup, because it is spelled Sirup in Danish 🙄

  6. Glyph, idyll, kayak, lymph, lyric, myrrh, satyr, tryst, yacht and SYRUP. Possibilities after EBONY

  7. What a guess! I was happy with 3. Alien>Sport>Syrup

  8. Sweet 5 guesses
    Sound -> Suave -> Strum -> Scrub -> Syrup

  9. Now that’s a short! Love it! Thanks, Mark.

  10. I wonder how truly "lucky" that really was. Didn't do it yesterday and my first thought was "youth" but you had the "o" crossed out. And I couldn't quickly come up with anything else starting on a Y, so Y 2nd place seems really good and syrup is common enough to quickly come up. Well done Mark!

  11. DENIM-TRASH-SCOUR-SYRUP. There are a bunch of obscure F colors to choose from, but given that Mark skipped over less obscure colors, I’m guessing that GREEN is next up.

  12. Whoah! Well done! And I see you've skipped D colors entirely. Not sure what comes for F either.

  13. And here I was finding out how many words I could fit into S_RU_

  14. My wife and I regard Better Lucky Than Good (BLTG–pronounced "blittig") as one of our catch phrases, which would have been appropriate here. Not that you're not also good, but getting a wordle in 2 is a blittig moment.

  15. Excellent solve! I managed it in three, myself. CHORD -> STRIP -> SYRUP

  16. SPARE -> SYRUP 😁 (also got this rather quickly in 2… I think the "p" had to be last. I next thought of "slurp" but the "r" couldn't be 4th! It was a pretty quick jump to "syrup" from "slurp" though lol. I think the only other option was STRIP which I didn't think of until later!)

  17. Impressive getting it in 2 off 1 yellow.
    Got it in 2 off 2 yellow.
    Auger – Syrup

  18. 7th of december was the last 2 worder mark got by getting a lucky j on the first guess, but while this was just as lucky it feels more earned.

  19. Shorts don't usually deserve my like, but this one definitely does!

  20. Wow this was also my first 2 in ages! Clasp > syrup

  21. Tomorrow you can give "ivory" a go. GIve a shout out to Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder!

  22. sweeet
    this was yet another 6/6 for me for some reason
    I've had 4 of those now in the past week

  23. that one took me six…
    But the one of the 27th exactly the same happened to me and I aced it in 2

  24. I just scared my cats. Yelled when you typed in syrup. They scampered off double quick.

  25. Shooooot.
    That's the moment I realise that I forgot to play Wordle yesterday.
    I definitely had no syrup ever…
    Streak count today: 1

  26. I just want everyone to share in my misery really quick. SYRUP has been my starting word for months now, but something possessed me this day to start with TROPE instead. I will never be more disappointed in a 2/6 (even though it was my first!).

  27. Haha, that's sick! 😀 I also got it in 2 because I always start with spicy

  28. I like the comment from the person who scared their cats when you typed in "syrup"😂😂 I yelled out loud as well!
    Another wordle in 10 seconds, from a genius who humbly calls it luck. 😘😘

  29. „The harder I practice, the luckier I get“ – well done!

  30. Was a good one for me today too. Started with OUIJA as always, then went with SPRUE iykyk and finally SYRUP

  31. I got this in 3, also starting with one yellow Y but going from "beryl" directly to "syrup".

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