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Wordle in a Minute – 25th April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Here we go again, trying to get Wordle done in a minute or less – but do any trees begin with X?


  1. Fun fact: the letter J is now tied with Q as the least used letter in Wordle, with 8 appearances.

  2. This one destroyed probably more streaks than any other Wordle word yet.

  3. I thought I was done as it took me 6 guesses. I did STALE > WEIRD > HYPER > COVER > BOXER > JOKER. I was torn between GONER and JOKER for my last guess, but I am glad I went to JOKER

  4. Yucca > Sloth > Pored > Rover > Goner > Boxer. I think I read that this was one of the hardest Wordles yet, even some algorithms required all six guesses.

  5. I fell into -O-ER with my 2nd guess and wasn't able to pare it down enough to get the win unfortunately

  6. Tricky word and dead streak, joy…
    Crown -> Roast -> Bored -> Lover -> Homer -> Poker

  7. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter trees, alphabetically (except for usnea, a moss that grows on trees, and xylem, a type of plant tissue)

    I’ll stick to my guess from yesterday and say YUCCA

  8. I had the green _O_ER on guess 3 as well but wasn't so lucky and succumbed to hard mode hell here 🪦

  9. I'm fairly sure I only had POKER and JOKER left and I knew POKER had been the word already.

  10. ROWER, ROPER, ROGER, ROVER, BOXER, POWER, POKER, HOVER, FOYER, GONER, DOZER, JOKER all share the _O_ER pattern. I don't know whether all are on the answer list, but I'm sure enough are on the answer list to make this Hard Mode Heck territory (as it is called in "polite" company).

  11. I ended up in hard mode hell with this one. For my last guess my options were foyer or joker. Idk why but i ended up going with joker so the streak still lives on praise be

  12. Struck out! SNORT > ROUGE > COVER > LOWER > HOMER > FOYER

  13. Yeah, this one destroyed my 180 day streak. I had -o-er on the second go and still didn't get there.

  14. Another lucky one for me. I got it in 2.


    I always start with BEAST.

    My go-to second word (when only the E is yellow and everything else is gray) is JOKER.

  15. Wow! I've been waiting for this video because I know many people broke their streak on this one. I got it in five but that was luck. Good work, Mark.

  16. I failed. I got the o and er but tried hover, boner and power before joker. Unfortunate for me

  17. CRWTH > REPLY > ANGER > DIVER > SOBER > JOKER. I lucked out here and kept my streak. But it sure was one evil word.

  18. I didn't get Joker in 6, oh well, onto the next one!

  19. Streak is gone 😢, I finished with woker instead of joker, anyways, to keep trying 💪🏼

  20. I ended up with _oker on guess 5 and no way to discern between p/j. I just had to take a stab and unfortunately broke my streak on this one

  21. I had a lucky 2. I started with Oaken which had randomly popped into my head. Oaken>Joken

  22. I can't believe it, since my first one try win with "DUVET" I searched for another opening word that hasn't appeared…so I choose JOKER

    My new starting word is ETHIC by the way, let's see where my luck takes me

  23. This one annoyed me and broke my streak.

    Other > Doner > Cover > Sober > Loper > Toker

  24. Got this one in six. I'm starting to really see the negative effect of playing quordle and octordle everyday also. I could have sworn joker had been used before, and kayak last week. I would have got kayak in two, but I thought it had been unused and got it in three. Joker still probably would have been at least 5 though just based on how I started.

  25. SPARE -> COVER -> TONER -> MOWER -> REFIX -> JOKER (I likely would have failed if I was in hard mode. 😅 REFIX eliminated all but JOKER there at the end. For some reason I could have sworn we'd already had JOKER, ROGER, BOXER, and FOYER… I checked and we have actually had FOYER but that's it).

  26. Got it in 6 yesterday but i could see at least one other possibility and checking available letters I had left after, there were at least another 3 words it could have been

  27. I got this in one for the first time ever!

    I've been doing an alphabetical sequence of words that appear in the titles of Taylor Swift songs and the only one with J was 'joker' from 'The Joker and the Queen' with Ed Sheeran. Sadly today's answer was not 'karma'.

  28. This one ended my streak thanks to hard mode hell 🙁


    By the time I got to _O_ER, I had a lot of options left to try. I barely made it.

  30. I got deeper into the Hard Mode trap…

  31. Hard mode hell got me on this one.
    But that's ok because my streak was in the single digits since last week's hard mode hell got me as well XD

  32. I'm guessing tomorrow's starting word is going to be YUCCA.

  33. "Hardmody" is now an official Scrabble word

  34. Ran into it on this one -O-ER too many choices TOkER was guess six Womp womp

  35. OMG, Mark, I got stuck in the same HMH, but tried 2 other words before getting joker. How do you do it⁉

  36. Very pleased not to be playing in hard mode with this one! TIRED LASER MOWER CHIVE BEFOG JOKER.

    I think JOKER and POKER were the only possibilities by the end so it was a 50:50 guess (except possibly POKER has already been a solution).

  37. I got tremendously lucky today. Started with OUIJA as always, then tried JOKER for my second go to change the position of the O and J. Very good.

  38. I would love to see an analysis of the wordlebot on your words! I think it’s fascinating to see and see how many words you had left

  39. I got this one in three after using poker as my second guess as mark so often does

  40. I had this one down to I think just joker or boxer on my six guess and sadly went with boxer. Everyone in my family had their streak ended on this one.

  41. It astounds me whenever you get into these Hard Mode Hell Wordles and then guess the right answer on the next go.

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