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Wordle in a Minute – 24th September 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Can Mark keep his streak going of doing Wordle in a minute – or at all?


  1. That got me right in the feels, Mark.
    Tough break sir!

  2. Starting word really helped me with this one. Was able to go in two: CHART-RIGHT


    It took all six guesses, but I consider myself lucky to have gotten it at all. I referred to my own records to see which ones had been used before, and NIGHT was all I found. In the end, I was stuck between RIGHT and TIGHT, although I failed to consider WIGHT as an option.

  4. What you could have done was make up words that uses f, l, m, s, and r to see what the ight word is. Like "films" or something.

  5. Oof, hard mode heck! I had to find the -ight and that took me a bit, I was def a lot luckier with that

  6. It could be worse. I lost my streak a couple of weeks ago because I forgot to do Wordle.

  7. Two minutes, IGHT as the letters, you just knew it was over 🙁

  8. In hard mode, diving for the suspected 'ight' right away was probably a bad call with so many left. Unlucky.

  9. Mark and I were on the same streak, though I don't play in hard mode. I was watching everyday to check we were still in sync and I'm sad now to see we aren't anymore!

  10. I lost at this same as you
    And my second word was fight😂

  11. This is why hard mode is rubbish. Losing because you picked the wrong letter out of 6 is is the antithesis of puzzle-solving.

  12. You can go to settings and change out of hard mode after you start. I have done it when the odds become stacked against me like it was with you today. Not sure if you’re open to doing that but I don’t mind losing my streak just not under that type of circumstance.

  13. Mark should take this fail as a lesson. Whenever you think going in a hard mode hell is a possibility, better risk the "60 seconds" time than the actual solution.
    He knew about the "IGHT" issue and still went there only because of the limited time.

  14. Strategically, on turn 3, you could try the word STORM. That would have a good chance of giving you the missing letter. Cheers.

  15. Hardly like to mention I got that in two: TIGER RIGHT! I was very lucky with my opening word.

  16. RadIo->RIGHT 🎉🎉This is my 10th 2!
    A little tainted, though, so sorry Mark😢.

  17. I'm pretty sure that right was the answer before

  18. Always disheartening to lose due to hard mode heck… especially when it's a repeat letter (wasn't the case today, but I've lost numerous streaks to repeated letter hard mode hecks).

  19. Hard mode heck has bitten me more times than I care to admit.
    I got very lucky with my choice of words that I was able to get this in 2 or 3 I believe.

  20. There's something ironic about RIGHT taking 2 minutes…

  21. Maybe the hardmode strat is to use a guess to eliminate some options before commiting to the "ight" words.

  22. Talk about a Hard Mode trap!
    – Bight, Eight, Fight, Light, Might, Night, Right, Sight, Tight, Wight
    I also fell into this trap (by guess 4) but wasn't on Hard Mode, so I had a free guess to scan for letters with ("brews") and solved it on six.

    "Light" has definitely appeared before (I remember it for the same trap).

  23. Haha, I got his one. I think I may have started with an R, I can't remember. Is there a way to check past games? When I try clicking on the bot to look at stats it just tries making me buy a subscription, which I do not want to do.

    In the past few days, I've had questions answered to me that I've thought about this series.
    1) How does he ever get it in two?
    and 2) How could he possibly not get the word?

  24. Right, we'll get back on the horse tomorrow! Chin up! 🤗
    I think I got all Mark's luck on this one, I guessed "flint" 3rd, and that eliminated a lot of HMH. 🙏
    No matter what, the 3s are still ahead of the 5s! 😁

  25. I got it in two Might -Right but I may have cheated? I understood I had infinite possibilities so I checked all the winning words that ended with ight and eliminated them😅

  26. I Somehow had the opposite experience, as my first three words gave but a single green and no yellow: BLAND -> MOUSE -> PICKY which also eliminated almost all the options completely so RIGHT was the next logical choice…

  27. Yeah, sad.

    Hard mode wasn't expecting the IGHT so early.

    If just the *G* (or R*G**), it would have been a toss-up between RIGID and what it was.
    Hard mode would have gotten that RIGID guess out of you though

    Hindsight is 20-20 though (pardon the pun SIGHT).

    Nice tries, Mark.

  28. Is it not allowed to put a word, which is obviously false, but eliminate a group of letters?

  29. Sad to see the streak end, you'll come back stronger and better. Best wishes from Rob and Miles

  30. Oow that is tragic. I'm sorry mate. I start with Point and Cause. I hit all vowels and great consonants. Usually get it in 3 or 4 after that. I know, cheating, but is it really cheating?

  31. My 2nd guess got me on the "right" path for a 3.
    So sorry you lost your streak Mark. Feel your pain 😢

  32. maybe there are better words that have more konsonants with g in the middle.
    so you dont have to immediatly go into the ight hardmode problem.

  33. I, too, dislike liking the video. However, I'm very glad to hear that a new streak is starting tomorrow!

  34. Mark, curiosity here, was it able to choose the second word with more beginletters of .ight options before going into hard mode heck?
    Or is that too much going on a hunch before actually knowing you are in HMH?

    Sad to see you loose the streak, but you will build a new one, i have faith.

  35. That's rough luck… nothing to do there unfortunately. That's the trouble with hard mode, sometimes it really comes down to luck and nothing else.

  36. I always get a little sad when Mark's streaks end.

  37. -IGHT always feels like a good idea because surely the letters will all be in different spots and you’ll get it on the next guess.

  38. 😢 tough break on the loss of your streak, Mark. I know you’ll bounce back tomorrow!

  39. I wonder if there's a strategy to skirt around the "-IGHT" by trying words with the beginning letters first. like.. "LIGER" to test the L and the R.
    edit: this is before you confirm the -IGHT ending but have a gut feeling it will come up.

  40. In a case like that, one should try to make words consisted of all the possible first letters in this case L, M, T, S, R to get yellow on the right letter

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