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Wordle in a Minute – 24th October 2022

Cracking The Cryptic
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Starting a new trio of start words today, Mark tries to get Wordle done in a minute


  1. This wordle was terrible for me and got not words on my first 3 tries and got it in my 5 😭

  2. My first ever 2 guess completion.
    Feral – Fault

  3. FAULT, BALOT, VAULT, SALUT, SAULT, BALUT, HAULT' were possible as a guess, but only FAULT and VAULT are presented in the answers list

  4. A cheeky 2 for me. FLUnk left me with FAULT as the only possible (from the possibles wordlist at least)

  5. Pretty straightforward solve today.

  6. VAULT was a possibility. I also picked FAULT over VAULT on my fourth guess, though 🙂

  7. TRAIN – > PATCH -> SALTY -> FAULT for me 🙂

  8. Cannot admit any great fault with your words lol 😏😏

  9. Always interesting- thank you, Mark. (Musing about the group of three starting words begun with this one …)

  10. I couldnt do it yesterday, because a girl sitting in front of me in unoversity did it in 2nd try and i just watched to see her beginning word

  11. 4 for me. Tired>Stank>Balot>Fault. I tried balot speculatively as a random collection of letters but I can't find an English definition spelled that way. It shouldn't really be a valid option

  12. I tried "Vault" first, so that's another word it could be.

  13. Idk what happened, but the streak is gone and i got the word twice in 3.
    Thunk -> Stump -> Fault
    Stark -> Faith -> Fault

  14. I got pretty lucky on this one, I was worried about starting with "mummy" from the day before, but I came up with "flute" for my second guess which gave me a quick three out of nowhere.

  15. GREAT -> MINDS -> THINK -> ALIKE? Na, can't be. Not a three-words-combo

  16. Nicely done once again! Most enjoyable 40 seconds of my day. 💖💖

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