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Wordle in a Minute – 24th June 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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After a fail, and a tough one, can Mark get it going again?


  1. Pleasy try "SAVVY" if it accepts that, its a type of vodka 🙂 or you can try "SNAPS", which is common here in sweden

  2. Good thing he didn't also think of GRAFT. Phew!

  3. nearly losing a streak of two is not that stressful actually

  4. 5 on this one.
    Water -> Crash -> Prank -> Brand -> Grand

  5. I think Mark was a bit carefree with his guesses as he wasn’t too stressed about maintaining a streak of 2!

  6. Very lucky Mark! I had a 5. Chalk>Trade>Drain>Brand>Grand

  7. I was extremely lucky and got it in 2. BAILE->GRAND

  8. This hasn't been the easiest week of Wordle.

  9. Haha I love how animated and genuine Mark's reactions are with these shorts!

  10. That was very nearly a very short streak. Good save!


  11. I'm only about 70 of these in but haven't missed one, wonder if non-nativity to english plays a part, or just pure luck. I do play it rather freely – just stick in the first word that comes to mind using different letters. Opening word always different given what i see around at the moment. Splendid shorts 👍

  12. Oh gawd. From the moment you had GRA green I was saying "I bet it's grant." Then you got to the end suddenly saying "Grand or grant???" You went against what I was thinking from the start, thought it was damned, and I was clenching with ya

  13. Mark was luckier than I. Just when I get back up from a streak loss, Wordle beats me back down again…

  14. QUAFF-STAND-BLAND-GRAND. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Rioja. STOUT seems likely for the next word.

  15. Lost my streak here 😂
    GRA… Il, VY, SS, FF, PH, PE, MS…
    I can't remember which of them I tried, but it was not ND 😅

  16. That was a nailbiter because I forgot what the word was.

  17. Pilot
    Leaves only

  18. Imagine losing back-to-back especially with Mark!!!

  19. These just make me laugh. Thanks for the daily fun, Mark.


    Nice to see Mark in high spirits again.

  21. PROSE DRILY FRAUD BRAND GRAND. again all good words to get to the end

  22. Phew, that was close!
    Got mine on the 5th try: PATIO – FANGS – VEGAN – ANGRY – GRAND

  23. That was super thrilling! GRAFT was another one you had left

  24. Managed this one in 2, Mouse followed by Grand. Kinda ruins the fun getting it that quickly!

  25. Now I know the NYT is following you, Mark. The top hat is still rattling around in their brains, so they gave us GRAND. (While still trying to make as many ppl as possible lose their streak, of course.)

  26. Another edge-of-the-seat solve! I suppose, though, that if it had gone wrong, Mark would have put in the other music when he edited it. I got it in 5 myself, but I exploited the non-hard-mode ability to use a bunch of useful letters without having to retain the known ones: SHIRT, ALONE, CRANK, BUDGE, GRAND. I will also admit I'm quite fond of Rioja (though I've got something French queued up for tonight).

  27. Man I thought it was Grant but I misremembered. Happy to see you get it right!

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