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Wordle in a Minute – 24th July 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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And – a minute after recording Wordle in a Minute on the 23rd, Mark records Wordle in a Minute on the 24th – how is that possible? The magic of midnight …


  1. Lucky Mark, half my guesses.
    Bread -> Unbox -> Lobby -> Hobby

  2. Got to love it when Mark complains about getting it in two

  3. Great one! I had this one in six! Was struggling with words like FOGGY and LOLLY. Up until the fifth word I only had the O and Y, so it was guessing.

  4. I gasped so loud when he said hobby 😂 I think the whole neighbourhood heard me

  5. To put a double letter and a Y in the second guess was either inspired or lucky!!

  6. So confused, why is the streak gone? I thought you got it in time on the 23rd!?

  7. @Mark your streak says 1. It might be reset by mistake I think

  8. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter fish, alphabetically

    I used CISCO to solve my Wordle, it’s a North American salmonid, whose several forms are thought to have evolved very recently. CATLA, COBIA and COLEY are also fish, but I don’t know if they are Wordle words

  9. I had the same train of thought with this one. I just wanted to see where the B would go and LOBBY was already ruled out.

  10. I got three words in a row all grey used most of the letters and I was banging my head to try and find it.

  11. You we're lucky. I got stuck in hard mode hell but managed to get it on the 6th try

  12. 4 for me. Should have started with A*OLE (* = H) as I usually do. That would probably had me get in 2 or 3. At least I avoided the fearless five.

  13. I got it in six. Could not think of hobby for my life. Maybe I need a new hobby.

  14. I didn't make the best choices here. 😅

  15. Nothing better than starting with hotel, working through it to eventually get a 3, then watch Mark absolutely stumble into it 😂

  16. Better than mine – TRAMP – WIDEN – COUGH – HOLLY – HOBBY

  17. seems like the last wordle wasn't finished on time, so it reset the streak as a fail

  18. Mark your streak is 1! You must not have made it in time in the end 😱

  19. I'm glad I lucked into the H in turn 2, that let me duck the lethal ?OBBY trap.

    ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ EARNT
    ⬛🟩⬛⬛🟨 COUGH
    🟩🟩⬛⬛🟩 HOLLY
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 HOBBY

  20. My father-in-law gave us a frozen bucket of bream that he had caught and cleaned and frozen. We had friends over when I cooked them – good thing, because there were 70 fish in that bucket! Delicious fish. Thanks for the Wordle, Mark. Love the reaction!

  21. lucky! this one took me 5 after an unlucky attempt of HOLLY before it

  22. BLEAK-ABOUT-HOBBY. I accidentally reused the A in the second guess. Oops. It took me much longer to think of HOBBY than Mark did. It’s amazing how fast Mark comes up with viable words. As for today, COBIA is the best I could find for C fish. CLING would be a better starting word, but the fish is actually the clingfish (all one word).

  23. I had a bad start. It took me 5. I had STALE>CHOMP>HUNKY>HOWDY>HOBBY

  24. Love the rationalization to justify an educated guess 😂. I do the same

  25. That is always my start word and I also got this one in 2.

  26. Scoredle says there were 101 options for a second guess. "Doubt" seems like the only viable non-_OBBY option.


    This made a pleasing pattern of yellow and green.

  28. I almost don't like these "quickies" — over too soon! I was trying to conjure up much harder words than simple little hobby, but did manage to get it in three.

  29. HOBBY is an example of the CVCCV pattern (Y is counted as a vowel unless it is in position 1). It is the second most frequent pattern of consonants and vowels found in the set of all valid Wordle solutions. Out of 2315 solutions, 396 words follow this pattern.



    Could have gotten it in 3 if I thought about it a tiny bit more.

  31. I think there was less than 10 options after BREAM so it was a really helpful word to start!

  32. Your streak dropped to 1 for some reason. I didn't think you missed yesterdays so I checked and you didn't.

  33. I got basically nothing for my first 3 guesses and the got it in 4. Can't compete with Mark though… Spent>Fraud>Milky>Hobby

  34. I like it when he solves it quickly, but sticks around chatting for the rest of the minute anyway.

  35. There must be a glitch when you start wordle on one day but finish it the next. Looking at yesterday’s video it shows 518 games played and the current streak at 31. Today’s still shows 518 games played but the streak back to 1 (as it thinks he has played today’s twice somehow?). Hopefully he can use the “my stats don’t look right” link to rectify it.

  36. How did the streak get reset to 1?

  37. Today on Wordle in a Munute: Mark finally catches a break.

  38. omg, you did NOT just do that, Mark! Congratulations!
    btw, why is your streak at 1? You didn't lose the puzzle recorded 5 mins b4 this video ❓

  39. It seems Mark and I both got lucky on this one. LABOR > HOBBY😅

  40. Got this one in 5. Oddly, HOBBY had been the previous day's PlusWord, and I had my notes right there on my screen and still couldn't think of it in Wordle.

  41. For me this was a doozy, quite literally. Got it in 5 through STAIR -> PLUME -> ENVOY -> DOOZY -> HOBBY. First two gave no letters, then got just O and Y from envoy. Had hard time thinking of what was even left with the letters I had, finally got doozy which left even less letters, but put the O in the right place, and then felt like going duh! when I finally realized hobby. I just didn't think of that double B.

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