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Wordle in a Minute – 24th February 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Mark tries to get Wordle done in a minute or less again – in Hard Mode …


  1. Yup, as a Canadian, those American spellings do grate a tiny bit! But I'm getting used to trying them in WORDLE.

  2. I'm actually in awe of how easy that was for him.

  3. According to a solver I used, ARBOR was the only valid word I could've played that wasn't a plural and it still took me more than 15 minutes to find it. That's the downside of having limited options I guess, no wrong answers to give you more hints.

  4. I started with brown too and used the exact same chain of words 😄

  5. If only this came a few days ago, where you started with amber. I used amber on my 2nd try and it helped me get in 3 😁

  6. This one I got in 4
    Claim -> After -> Abhor -> Arbor

  7. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter colors, alphabetically

    I don’t think there are any B colors left, so I’ll guess CORAL will be tomorrow’s word

  8. A brown orbit around the arbor sounds like a euphemism for the day after a dodgy curry.

  9. BROWN-ORBIT-ARBOR. Matching Mark exactly, except being an American, the spelling didn’t grate on me. Presumably moving on to CORAL next?

  10. I sussed American spelling but tried ardor and armor before Arbor. Done in 5.

  11. My guesses included other American spelling -or words and thought of you, Mark, with a smile. Thanks, as always.

  12. Although arbor is an American spelling of arbour, I also thought that arbor was a British English word used in engineering for an axle or rotating shaft / spindle.

  13. Getting the first 3 letters from word 1 (even if they weren't quite the same 3 Mark got) made it pretty easy…



    Wordle's been very fond of repeated letters recently.

  15. It would’ve been so cool if the wordle and redactle answers had been the same for yesterday (redactle’s answer was “orbit”)

  16. Arise, arbor. After Wednesday's debacle the streak is 2! Haha

  17. CREAM would be a good choice with common letters

  18. You shouldn't complain about American spelling. You should just thank us for improving upon the language… LOL

  19. You mean "thanks for watching Wordle in 10 seconds" 🤣🤣
    I know what you mean about the spelling, the constant adding of unpronounced "u"s to words grates on me at times. What can you do? 🤭🤭
    I tried "abhor" before "arbor", and I think "abhor" is a much better word! I should have got it in 4. 👀
    Well done yet again, Mark!

  20. Yeah, we spell things oddly over here — two countries divided by a common language, right?

    There are a couple of useful C words, and from a recent video it sounds like we'll get DIRTY when we get to D (which is cheating but I don't know of a better choice). Then what? EBONY, sure; and for F?

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