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Wordle in a Minute – 23rd November 2022

Cracking The Cryptic
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Sometimes getting Wordle done in a minute relies on skill – other times it relies on luck … or maybe a bit of both …


  1. I start with a different word each day. Well, I was in the car with my girlfriend on the way home when I did this Wordle. Looking for inspiration I turned to the activity we were currently doing. Imagine my surprise. 🙃

  2. Got lucky today. ratio –> urine… and now I have _ri_e which is absolutely horrible. I decided to go for pride to get two new letters that could go in the 4th spot, but luckily for me I found my starting letter, and I think only drive was possible after that. So I got it in 4, but that could've gone way worse.

  3. I used the previous wordle, Prime and got drive on my 2nd guess =D

  4. Was going to start with Drive but changed my mind to drove so got it in 2. gutted

  5. I had to take a 5 on this one. Clean>Berth>Spore>Grime>Drive

  6. Back to back days with a _RI_E word. Sneaky.

  7. "That's so weird… WEIRD??" XD
    STALE -> GRIME -> BRIDE -> DRIVE for me.

  8. Forgot to do yesterday (well had 14 mins left ) so did PANIC- IGLOO-RIMES then got hard mode green issus with BRIBE and TRITE then got DRIVE on 6

  9. This was my first ever wordle in one guess! Watching F1 videos just before trying definitely helped haha.

  10. As I watch this, it’s Thanksgiving Day in the US. I must get moving on packing the car before we drive 200 miles to my niece’s house, but would not think of skipping this little video. Thanks so much, Mark.

  11. Maybe I went for the double letter drill too soon, but the L looked much more likely than a V to me (judging from my old standard, scrabble tile values 🙂 )…


  12. All yellows, then drove it home. Nice!! Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US!

  13. Is it just me that had REM in my head all day after this one 😅

  14. Had a lucky first guess, would have guessed Prime 2nd but it was the wordle the previous day.
    Arise – Pride – Drive
    Happy Thanksgiving

  15. I object to the NYT pushing their American car-centric view of the world onto us!! 🤣

    I got it in two.

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