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Wordle in a Minute – 22nd May 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Sometimes it isn’t easy to get Wordle done in just a minute … but I try


  1. To so quickly make the canoe, igloo, kayak reference 🤯

    I got lucky with this one: IMBUE > IGLOO

  2. Got this one in One!

    I've been starting with Igloo since the start of this year

  3. I struggled on this; ended up guessing a word I knew wouldn't work just to move the process along (yes, I'm on hard mode). Did eventually get it.

  4. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: The 5-letter words in “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, a poem by Robert Frost

    Next one should be FLAKE

  5. This one was rough for me because IGLOO is spelled IGLO in danish and all I had after 4 was __L_O

  6. I never herad this word had to Google it get it right in 6th try i had oo and i

  7. I DID IT! Today my streak hit 212! I don’t play in hard mode, or try to do it in a minute, or for a global audience, though, so Mark is still the ultimate Wordler! 😊

  8. Getting the L and O in place definitely helped me a lot.

  9. Besom? Picot? The curse of having too large a vocabulary!

  10. Was looking forward to this one. Think it was four for me.

  11. I love the tragic cello melody on the ones where it takes more than a minute for Mark to solve it.

  12. DOWNY-TROMP-OLIVE-FILLO-IGLOO. This one took me way longer than Mark’s 2 minutes. Hopefully FLAKE will work better for today’s starting word.

  13. "A canoe that you'd find in an igloo would be a kayak " 😂😂😂 What a keen memory Mark has!

  14. Fortunately, word 3 got me "GLO", which helped a lot to narrow the options down.

  15. Got it in 4: SHIRT, ALONE, FOLIO, IGLOO — and I agree, that's a really hard word. Well done, Mark.

  16. Oddly enough, I did have a g and l early on (ghoul) and it still took me forever. Nasty word!

  17. Downy > Shove > Major > Piton > Igloo. Like Mark I had nothing but the O until I finally got the I, and then had to stare at the remaining letters for a while until Igloo suddenly popped out.


    KAZOO felt like a ridiculous choice at the time, but it ultimately got me the double O required for the answer.

  19. I think I’ve seen the word besom before, but its meaning never registered with me. Thanks for the new vocabulary word, Mark.

  20. I had the OIL in so many yellow spaces, but it took about an age to come up with igloo!

  21. SPARE -> TOUCH -> FLOWN -> LIMBO -> IGLOO (lmao, after FLOWN, the only word I could think of for a good two hours was DILDO 🤣. Afterwards I checked and I think the only real options at that point were ODDLY, LIMBO and IGLOO).

  22. Tough word yesterday. I had to write the letters out on a piece of paper to solve it

  23. Even with the g,l and i from glide it was still a tough word.

  24. It feels so satisfying to have eaten this one up compared to such a puzzling titan like Mark.

    BROIL > LOGIC > IGLOO in about a minute.

    He was right. The early G and L were essential yesterday

  25. Mark, you go for such obscure letters early and no vowels! A better second guess was OPERA. A better third guess was TELOS if allowed or ETHOS. A better 4th guess was PILOT.

  26. I'm sort of relieved this wasn't an easy one for Mark, because I struggled a lot with this one!

  27. A rare occasion when I get it fast and it fewer attempts!


  28. Yesterday I bought a card game called GLOOM and thought to use that as my starter, got it in two 😆

  29. Apple > Logic > Igloo
    This one was a bit hard since I got all yellows on the second word with hard mode on

  30. A minute 45s, and still quite amazing 👏👏👏

  31. Thanks, Mark. I learned a new word today. Besom, a broom made of twigs wrapped around a stick.😁

  32. I got the double O from the first word, which helped a ton, haha

  33. 703 Wordles in, this was the first answer to either start with IG or end with OO. Understandable that it took a while.

  34. Somewhere an eskimo is cheering that his starting word finally got it

  35. Whew! I was worried for a moment there, Mark

  36. Wow I was stoked when I got this in 2 and my fastest finishing time in about 10 seconds! I was finally have Beat Mark! Then I thought watch mark pull it out in 6 seconds! So I did an extra happy dance he didn't get it in a minute!
    I had 2 advantages over Mark I'm Canadian and my starting Word Is INANE – IGLOO was an instant go to guess!

    Now I will go back to Mark Destroying me in any word or number based puzzles! Every dog has his day!

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