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Wordle in a Minute – 22nd June 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Sometimes Hard Mode heck is just what it sounds like …


  1. Ha Mark! NYT likes double, they are tricky

  2. I got this one in three: YOURS-SATED-TASTE. Really got lucky with guess two.

  3. Atleast you didn't immediately go to "hmm it could be taste" in a rather suspicious manner like some other solvers.

  4. This one got me in the exact same scenario.

  5. I think the right thing to do in this situation is not to guess but instead come up with new words that eliminate as many unused letters as possible

  6. We feel your pain. Happened to us too!
    But you inspire us every day!

  7. Brutal!! I absolutely hate when that happens… good effort though.

  8. There's no denying, the words have been WRETCHED these last couple of weeks 😮

  9. I would have tried THICK after WASTE. Just curious, is Marks principle or something that he has to continue letters in right position?

  10. Actually I love to see, that you sometimes fail. Thanks. I love to see wordle in a minute every day <3

  11. As soon as Mark said he thought it had been an answer I knew. Got this in three sometimes I just assume they’re being jerks and use the double letter lol

  12. Not a smart Play. When several words are possible you eliminate possibilities by typing a word that includes several of the letters in contention. To eliminate paste, caste and baste i typed pubic😂

  13. No sad music, I got baited into thinking the last attempt would be successful

  14. Those damned double letters are what gets you!

  15. This did a lot of damage to my wordle group chat! Almost everybody got a 6 or a miss. I got lucky "caste" was eliminated by my first word. I had enough guesses for all the options but was lucky to not need them. CRANE -> BASTE -> HASTE -> TASTE

  16. Phpht streak 19

    Phpht > Train > Tamed > Taste

    the words where i get a letter are fairly easy.
    although i needed some time to actually get the words as i was for some reason not thinking about taste so fast.

  17. I woke up late and forgot to do Wordle yesterday. Weird coincidence my streak ended on the same day as Mark's

  18. Was anyone else shouting “it’s TASTE!!!” At your screen? 😅

  19. I have got this in 6. ABOUT -> SATIN -> CASTE -> HASTE -> PASTE -> TASTE. I myself have been getting nervous that the answer may have been TASTE or WASTE.

  20. Hugs for you Mark, that was tough!
    My feeble brain didn't even think of CASTE, so I got it in 6… and immediately cursed Wordle like a sailor. I'm going to assume you had your say after you stopped filming. 🤬
    We'll see you tomorrow, with a stiff upper lip and a new streak. 💖

  21. Till January 20, 2024, if he does not fail in any of the games, then he can beat his maximum streak of 211.

  22. I thought it had been taste before too.

  23. Nooo Mark 😢😮, i was cheering for you to think in repeated letters 🙏

  24. Also lost it with this one! Too many choices!

  25. It often pays to rule a lot of letters out early. flunk chimp bodgE wASTE left only one possible.

  26. I wonder if in this situation it may be worth making a word with all the remaining single letter possibilities so you can work out which it is, rather than try one at a time?

  27. this one is all down to luck i.e. if you had got the t in first position, otherwise you have a high chance of getting hard moded, apparently 8 different words ending aste!

  28. Don’t be to down hearted. Love watching your mind work out the words.

  29. Oh noo😅
    I’ve been watching for a while and always wondered when you would lose the streak haha.
    For me it was

  30. I fell into the same trap (by guess 4), but fortunately was not playing Hard Mode, which gave me one guess to scan for that last letter.

  31. Oh no! How are these so painful. We share your pain, Mark. I literally shouted nooooo at the screen.

    "If you can meet with triumph a d disaster and treat those two imposters just the same…."

  32. The NYT has really had some bad TASTE with these streak-enders

  33. Almost got caught by hard mode heck as well, got it on guess 5 after 3 other guesses in hard mode heck.

  34. i didn't think of all those options just went straight to taste for some reason got in 4

  35. Commiserations on not getting the Line Piece … no wait this is Wordle not Tetris my bad 😃

  36. Is it frowned upon to start making words without the -aste letters to find the missing letter more efficiently? For example, guessing "champ" after "waste" would rule out the letters c, h, m, and p if none of them turned yellow. Just wondering. Never played this game before, but I'm enjoying this series.

  37. Why not use ur 4th guess to use a word like beach that uses the B C and H to eliminate those?

    Makes things alot easier

  38. Hard mode is like shooting yourself in the foot before running a Marathon, it is counterproductive.

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