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Wordle in a Minute – 22nd February 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Just past our one-year anniversary of Wordle in a Minute, we carry on Wordling …


  1. This one cost me my streak yesterday 🙁 Brain didn't think about a repeated R

  2. I also guessed River third after guessing rogue first and then ready. I should have guessed riper immediately but I thought it wasn’t likely so I didn’t do that until 6th. At least I got it I guess.

  3. This was a bit of an odd word. Luckily my second guess gave me all of the letters. Bonus>Prime>Riped>Riper

  4. “RIPER” is such a weird word. Like as in “more ripe”? Just seems a bit uncommon, as well as being along the lines of the kind of reason that plurals, for instance, aren’t allowed as answers. Idk.

  5. BROWN-TAMER-LIVER-CIDER-RISER-RIPER. Phew. Lots of streaks ending on this one! There are a number of obscure choices for C, but CORAL seems most likely for Mark’s next choice.

  6. I ended my 50 streak on this one. Despite having 3 or 4 yellow letters in my first entry, there were so many combinations that I ended up with 2 possible answers on my last try and guessed wrong..😢

  7. Cost me my 309 day streak. Was hoping to get to a year!

  8. I got it in 5 (with today, that’s 3 5’s in a row). Like others, I used RIVER but because I grew up on River Street, so that was lucky. Sorry to see others lose streaks. My last loss was PARER. These are the tough ones.

  9. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter colors, alphabetically

    Another long streak, I see. Tomorrow’s word could be CORAL or CREAM

  10. RIVER was an incredibly lucky word. This was a sixth guess for me and no doubt would have broken a few streaks.

  11. Quite the hard mode trap, but I managed to get it. A friend lost his streak with *IPER as his trap…


  12. WEIRD-PRIOR-RIPER. My thirds are behind my fourth and fifth and sixth guesses; the last three are almost equal. I also do the dutch version and there my thirds, fourth, fifth and sixth are all four almost equal.

  13. I didn't expected comparatives to be used, since it's somewhat akin to the rule against plurals

  14. I do enjoy your commentary and reactions, Mark. Thank you, as always.

  15. I got this in 5
    Today -> Fresh -> Plier -> Viper -> Riper

  16. Ended up in _IPER hard mode heck, but got it on the 6th try.

  17. Yep, broke my streak on this one too and was curious to see how Mark would do with it. RIVER sorted it for him. Well done, Mark.

  18. I'm glad I tried it last. I think this might've ruined quite a few streaks.

  19. Lost my 85 day streak. Crane > Sperm > Leper > Hyper > Wiper > Viper. Even if I had had more guesses I would have tried Piper before even thinking Riper was a possible word.

  20. Mark's luck strikes again — he's in hard mode heck but magically finds the correct RI-ER word. My own game was shirt, alone, piker, riper — note the lucky 3rd guess.

  21. Will I run out of flowers before Mark runs out of colors?! Phlox, Spate, Repot, Riper.


    Got into some Hard Mode Hell for a few steps, but I managed it in the end. Mark getting that double R so early was quite lucky! I suspect this ended a lot of streaks.

  23. TARRY (super lucky starting word)

  24. If I'd been in that spot, I would have gone ahead and guessed RISER before RIPER. It's a common word in music performance and is a noun instead of a comparative adjective. Luckily for me, the S was already gone when I had to make the decision.

  25. I've never lost a game until this one. Ended my streak of 358. I was hoping to make it undefeated for one year.

  26. I got stuck in *I*ER hell. Four guesses and never got it. Le sigh.

  27. I only got this one due to easy mode; I used my 5th guess to eliminate 2 of the 3 options I could think of, and the ones eliminated were the ones I thought were most likely.

  28. Starting with AMBER here put me in hard mode hell to kill my streak 🙁

  29. "Because I'm a numpt–because it's right!" 🤣🤣
    Trust your instincts, Mark. You've got good ones.
    Judging from the comments, this one ended a lot of ppl's streaks. I got it in 6, but I would be happy if Wordle stopped using -er words altogether.‼

  30. Five letter colors in alphabetical order.

  31. I got extremely lucky on this one. BLACK-RIPEN-RIPER

  32. Epic fail for me on this one. Endless possibilities. I guess I wasn't alone.

  33. This one did for me. You've better instincts than me Mark I went for ricer instead.

  34. BEIGE — LIVER fail fail fail fail
    I guessed the starting word right, but failed in the hard mode trap. Mark got the double R and avoided the trap.

  35. Lost my streak on this one. I tried Piper Viper Wiper. 😢

  36. I didn’t think comparative form adjectives were in the mix, like how there are no regular plural nouns. I really second guessed this one and got it in 6.

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