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Wordle in a Minute – 21st March 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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You can’t knock KNEES as a starting word – well, you can, it’s terrible, like that pun …


  1. I managed to get it in 3 yesterday, from "sedge" straight to "tough". Also an all-green solve.

  2. Shame mouth was not the starting word. Could have been done in 2! 😢 I managed it in 4, Atone, court, mouth, tough.

  3. I went CAUSE – BLURT – THUNK (not the most sensible guess but I just wanted to try some other letters) then TOUGH

    I feel like I should have got this in three

  4. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter body parts, alphabetically

    I think LIVER is most likely to be next. LUNGS is also an eligible body part word and also very important organs, but as Mark said, that would be a pretty daft word

  5. I managed it in 2. TOUGH or COUGH ARE some of my favorite second words.

  6. I got this in 2! Ghost > Tough
    A very rare done in 2 for me

  7. Somehow I managed to get this in two after only having one yellow letter in the first guess!

  8. I wound up in a bad hard mode trap…

  9. I was so sure I would get this one in 2. It was indeed tough.

  10. I play a game called Jotto and the words that end in -ough are helpful in that game, so this was not hard for me. As for knees, I think it’s great that you are willing to go the vole and risk your streak and keep to a string of openings. Thanks, Mark.

  11. Got this one in TWO. Great and tough. Was just trying to put the T first and G at the end. I was well surprised it was the right answer

  12. Tough, kind of…
    Chain -> Hefty -> Moths -> Tough

  13. I found this a little tough. Frack>Shone>Hotly>Mouth>Tough


    Don't look at me like that. I don't like "gothy" as a word, either. But Wordle accepted it, so here we are.

  15. I was the one to pick that day's word for my group of friends. Among the 4 words I thought of, I almost picked TOUGH but thought it was too boring. Went with DWARF, then used it as my 2nd guess. We almost all got it in 1.

    Also we had used GLOVE as our starting word just 2 days before it was the answer. So close, two days in a row.

  16. Can anyone explain to me why I get different wordles to mark? It’s driving me crazy

  17. Only L I can think of is limbs.

    Thanks for the short

  18. Once again, Wordle mocks its players.
    Well done, Mark! You still got it in less than 6, and kept the streak alive. With an if-fy starting word as well! 👏👏👏

  19. So, tomorrow's starting word will be either LYMPH or LIVER.

  20. No way I would have gotten this if I didn't get lucky with the clues due to prior guesses. It's not that it's a tough or uncommon word (pun intended), it's just that when it comes to spelling and you see a "g" you immediately think of the "g" sound as in "goose" or a "j" sound as in "forge" but you don't think of a "f" sound.

  21. I love how he’s so confident when he puts in the last word (“tough”) even though it hasn’t gone green yet 😂 To be fair, he’s usually right

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