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Wordle in a Minute – 20th June 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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You remember how not long ago Mark started with a series of opening words from Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening … ?


  1. Youtube has jiggled the way channels we have subscribe to show Shorts. They are no longer in our general subscription list on PC mixed in with regular videos in order of release, they are now in their own little unique section, where it is harder to work out repeats or if the video is what you want to see. It feels like Youtube wants to kill off their own features that already work. 🙁

  2. Glad to see I wasn't the only one struggling with this one.

  3. Whew!! Good guessing in a pinch, Mark. 👏👏👏

  4. Mr. Game and Watchog - Allround Gaming says:

    I got this one in 4, but my streak got reset for no reason.

  5. Please leave out the music. It doesn't add anything to the experience.

  6. Took me six, too. Why isn't Tudor allowed, proper name?

  7. I was struggling to think of a 2nd guess yesterday. Then my wife walks in complaining about all the frost. First time I got it in 2!!!

  8. RATIO OTHER TROLL PROTO FROST, 😅, in 5, I start to get the hang of this game, no need to go obscure words!

  9. NEIGH->SAUCY->FROST No Wordle heck thank goodness

  10. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter alcoholic drinks, alphabetically (Different streak in-between: Words describing the various British June events)

    I think I’m more on point with the theme now. ASCOT should be next as the Royal Ascot begins today

  11. Whew! The streak is intact! Thanks, Mark.

  12. Got it in 3 but could have been 2, don’t know why I chose this one: GRAMS > FRIST > FROST

  13. SMOUT–>GHOST–>ROAST–>FROST After GHOST i was like what rhymes with GHOST why ROAST does not paying attention to the fact it shifted the O out of place.

  14. This was quite lucky 2/6 for me
    there was definitely plenty of possibilities but F in first with R somewhere did rule out a lot of possibilities

  15. Again I ask – how did mark know that there were no repeated letters after his third guess? It seems to me that there could have been. Am I missing something?


    Curious… I wouldn't have thought Hard Mode Hell could occur here, but that ?RO?? setup did have quite a few options.

  17. Got it in 2: SNORT > FROST. I think there was only one other possible guess, ROOST.

  18. I was worried about starting with "KAZOO" (the word from the day before) but my second guess made this one easy. KAZOO -> STORE -> FROST

  19. I was lucky frost jumped into my mind for my second guess. I almost wrote Crust but I checked and it’s been the answer before.

  20. My dog Frost was sat on me whilst I played this one and he was upset it took me 4 tries!

  21. "ROYAL, MINOR, that amuses me" — Are you a ringer, Mark? There are in fact several towers in the US, mostly here in the East, with bells for change ringing, including the Old North Church in Boston where the lanterns were hung for Paul Revere's ride. I've rung there, but I was pretty bad in tower — much better ringing handbells (2 in hand), where I even managed to conduct a couple of quarter-peals. Favorite method Stedman!

  22. Frost it was, my third guess on a very cold morning.

  23. 2 for me today, and yesterday was – SPORT -FROST for 2 as well. Better start tomorrow with pride (or falls !)

  24. Arise, crush, frost…nice to get a 3 after the last 2 days

  25. Got super lucky yesterday, after much deliberation for my second guess I got it. SLATE -> FROST

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