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Wordle in a Minute – 19th September 2022

Cracking The Cryptic
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Can Mark get Wordle done in a jiffy – or a moment – or even a Minute?


  1. Wow, with how much trouble that gave Mark I'm lucky I made the guesses I did. Had to look up the definition of Trice after.
    Brick – Price – Trice

  2. SLIME, PRIDE, BRINE, TRIKE and TRICE – all green, but still terrible

  3. My usual start is Audio > then if the I hits I will go to Trice so got it in two.

  4. Never heard of trice, but still, 5 guesses
    Windy -> Image -> Tribe -> Tripe -> Trice

  5. Got this one in three! STEAL-TRUCE-TRICE. Learned a new word as well.

  6. I lost on this one, was in TriXe hell. Forget my first two guesses but I ended with Tripe, Tribe, Trine, Trike 🙁

  7. Fortunately, my 2nd guess let me avoid the **? pit of doom… Although as the green letters rolled in during the 2nd guess, I thought I had it in 2!


  8. Fortunately, my 2nd guess let me avoid the **? pit of doom… Although as the green letters rolled in during the 2nd guess, I thought I had it in 2!


  9. Awful performance for myself, went from reaching T R I X E on my second guess and failing.


  10. I started with regal yesterday. Love these shorts, Mark. Thanks!

  11. Those in my family who didn't get the C early failed it. Tough.

  12. Almost hit a 2 on this one, CRATE, TRUCE, TRICE

  13. I had TRINE on my 2nd, then went TRIBE -> TRICE

  14. Has anyone else never heard of the word trice or is it just me?

  15. Crane > Trice, I got pretty lucky with that one!

  16. Got lucky that I guessed TWICE for my 2nd word haha


  18. I did it in two! I usually start with yesterday’s word, so stick -> trice

  19. I lost my streak on the same word Mark did the other day and then lost again on this one. Tripe was my third guess and then failed to come up with Trice before running out of guesses

  20. I actually started with Tiger. Tribe 2nd. Failed it.

  21. Hard mode hell Indeed 😅 Glad you got it!

  22. Hard mode hell has a workaround. Figure out the potential letters. Then try words with several of those letters.

  23. Could've done it in 2, first word luck got compensated by choosing a wrong word out of 2:
    Crate – Truce – Trice

  24. I got this one safely after TRIPE courtesy of easy mode and a BRICK.

  25. Got this one in two! Ethic and then trice. I was really surprised as I heard this world would be very difficult

  26. I had track at 3 and no vowels left. Didn't know for sure that Trice was a word, but I didn't have any options left.

  27. Tough one again, got it in 6…hate those, lots of possible tri_e

  28. if you started with something like tribe here, and was in hard mode, you could very well do 5 more guesses without getting the right answer if you were unlucky

  29. I got this in three, I started with STICK so I knew the "C" already. I managed to avoid wasting a guess on "TWICE" because I remembered we had already had that word. I was proud of that! STICK -> EDICT -> TRICE

  30. TRI_E is such a wordle nightmare and it KEEPS COMING UP

  31. I escaped hard mode hell by… not using hard mode. Still took 6 tries, got TRITE on guess #3. Left me to come up with words that contain lots of unused consonants… Almost a game in itself.
    Enjoyed your solve, Mark, thank you! 👍

  32. whenever I get a situation like that where there could be a lot of
    letters fitting in 1 spot I just go for a wrong word that gives me the
    most amount of out possibles. IE you had TRIpE, the letters that I would try for that spot would be CBN so I would try something like BACON and get the C right, then just write TRICE

  33. A reasonable 4 PORCH RUNCE TRACE TRICE. PS TRIPE is the lining of a Cow's stomach(s ? how many?) often boiled in salted water. ( See The Goodies – Black Pudding Bertha

  34. Trice broke my winning streak of 77! Damn 😢

  35. Just a pointer for anyone who gets into this situation where you are missing one letter and it can be many, use your next guess to eliminate as many of those letters as possible. Like in this situation where he could have had tribe, trike, trice, trite, trine… guess a word like..brick. boom eliminates 2-3 possibilities

  36. triad – tribe – trice !
    I find that 'triad' is a great word to start with, in this case extremely lucky in fact!

  37. This one got me for the 2nd time in a week. Never heard of TRICE, but I tried TRITE, TRIBE, TRIKE, and TRIPE before running out of guesses. My wife got it because she ran out of letters and got lucky. She didn't notice TRITE, if she had, she'd have missed it too.

  38. If your fourth guess was brick then you would probably have it in 5 and guaranteed in 6

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