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Wordle in a Minute – 19th June 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Sometimes Wordle can be done in a minute – but sometimes it just seems it can’t …


  1. This was the first word I failed with in half a year

  2. This one was shockingly easy for me, which I'm grateful for.

  3. CRYPT
    It took me SOOOO long to find a word that fit for that 4th guess.

    My family did it too. They all got it in 5. My favorite words that they guessed: WAHOO and WAZOO (as in "stick it up you're wazoo).

  4. Well didn't get that one. What a difficult word

  5. TUXES->ALONG->BOARD->MACHO->KAZOO. I think WAZOO was my only other choice, although not sure if it would have been accepted. Thought of Kazoo after remembering Fred Flinstone’s alien “bud” The Great Gazoo

  6. The more difficult words are more satisfying when you guess them correctly. 🤷‍♂️

  7. This was one I kept having to come back to throughout the day

  8. The NYT added a Wordle editor in November 2022, Nancy Bennett. In a February 2023 Business Insider interview, she explaned how Wordle answers are selected. I have no idea if this strategy is still used.

    With the current version of Wordle, we can't add words — we can only remove and reorder the words Josh Wardle had programmed. We remove words if they're too obscure or have a derogatory secondary meaning.

    [Continued in replies…]

  9. The NYT is not trying to get people to fail. Nor do they have a favourite ‘trap’ of a single vowel in the middle surrounded by consonants, as you often state. In the full set of all five letter words, some will be straight forward, some will be tough. Wordle cycles through all of them. That’s simply the beauty and variety of the English language.

  10. This was brutal. I called my son to help me out😀

  11. Such a nasty, nasty word. I got so stuck on this one. SMOUT–>LOWER–>BINGO–>CHAFFE–>PADDO–>KAZOO So I did Chaffe just to eliminate some stuff and then I got really frustrated and was just typing out things (i find it easier to type things out so I can see it to find words) and discovered PADDO was a real word when I hit enter out of frustration. But I got KAZOO in the end.

  12. I thought about magog on your fifth guess and now I’m wondering if wordle accepts it. Probably not

  13. This was tough. I was lucky to get a yellow K which could only go first given the letters available. From there it still took a good few minutes to get the right word. Chide>Stray>Plank>Kazoo

  14. CRATE > SOUND > BLIMP > GAWKY > KAZOO. I don't play in hard mode. This one took a while, but by guess five there were few options and I was suspecting a double O. I don't mind if the game is a bit challenging.

  15. I'm not sure it's that easy to fail on words like this, it took me over a minute too, but I hardly had any letters left to guess from.
    I'm more likely to fail on a word that is in the form of xOxER (or similar), where there are too many options!

  16. Picked a bad day to switch away from EARNT as my opener…

  17. i had .a.oo (after the fifth guess) and had to come up with something. Evenetually i had kazoo but it took a really long time. because i didn't try k and z yet.

  18. Perhaps they’re trying to challenge us! My solve was similar to yours, I was pleased to have conquered a difficult puzzle.

  19. I got it in 5. Nice seeing you struggle for a change

  20. I got it in 5 but only because I drove past the Kazoo in Eden NY frequently.


  22. To be honest, Wordle isn't that hard but rather fun. Sometimes, there is bad luck involved, which can make it more challenging. However, overall, it's quite easy, even for non-natives. So, I appreciate it when they make it as challenging as possible. You can try the Italian, Spanish, and French Wordle, for example; it's doable even without ever having learned the language.

  23. SPARE -> CANDY -> HABIT -> KAZOO (🤯 this took me hours to think of… what's annoying is that I thought of WAZOO almost right away after habit but didn't want to play that because I didn't think it was a legit word – still not sure if it would have let me play it or not!) ETA: I see from other people's gameplays, wordle absolutely would have accepted WAZOO 🤣


    I knew POLKA had been the answer before, but just as Mark rationalized, it provided a lot of letters I hadn't yet used. Even then, I had to stare at the screen a good long while before I spotted the answer.

  25. It is great, nay, amazing the number of times you get it in a minute, but I also like when you get to ‘drone on’! Thanks, Mark.

  26. I feel the same way, although not specifically with this word since kazoo is a normal enough common word, or words like nanny, which took my streak. It’s tough because of the triple letter but it’s a common word. Where they get me are the words like ennui. People who don’t know the entire dictionary are really going to struggle. Which is fine every once in a while but I think that was within a string of those hard words that everyday people aren’t going to have heard of. And at that point, you’re not playing the game, you’re truly guessing using trial and error. That’s not wordle.

  27. Mr. MAGOO plays the KAZOO? Maybe together with some guitar sounds of "swinging SHANTY IN MONO (5, 7)"?

  28. I always assumed the 5 letter word was auto-generated 🤷🏻‍♀️

  29. Can someone now please explain me wtf "kazoo" means? As a non-native speaker, heard this word for first time yesterday. Who use this kazoo? 🤷

  30. I agree, I feel like Wordle has moved more into the "hahahaaaaa you'll never guess this one!!! GOTCHA!!" territory, which, like you say, I don't find as fun.

  31. Answer – / Comment "I'll drone on a bit". excellent wordplay

  32. Just got it because SLACK as my starting word gave me a K and, most importantly, because I had a Kazoo in front of me 😂

  33. Shyly yesterday kazoo today. It was a disaster

  34. I also had an all-green solve, but didn't even have the O until guess 4. For guess 5 I tried "kabob", which fortunately lead me right to "kazoo".

  35. PLOTS -> MANOR -> KAZOO. I have been starting with words ending in each letter of the alphabet, hence the use of a plural. No idea how kazoo cam into my head, but I had ruled out many consonants that could follow the o.

  36. Was very happy to get it in 3! After eliminating a lot of good consonants in my first 2 guesses, Kazoo popped into my head and I decided to risk it on my 3rd guess just because it was such an evil word that it had to be right!

  37. Games have to make you fail at least once in a while to be rewarding to play. If you knew you were always going to solve it then you wouldn't start getting nervous when you got to the later guesses and everyone would have gotten bored with it.

  38. My friends and I have a group chat where post our solves. I was the only one who posted for this puzzle…

  39. Games are more fun when you have a chance at winning. I think your videos are much more enjoyable than the actual Wordle, but I've been saying that for a while.
    Well done with this odd word, Mark! 👏👏👏

  40. Blew my streak to smithereens on this one: SHIRT, ALONE, FOAMY, WAGON, KABOB, KAPOK. Meow!

    But I think ChatGPT is right and the current starting word sequence is going to culminate on Saturday with ASCOT. Between here and there I expect we see HORSE, too.

  41. Phpht > Cared > Gamin > Lasso > Fabbo > Kazoo

    omg was this stupid.
    after lasso i kinda knew it was z double o but i didnt think about k for the start at the time.
    kazoo is such a weird word.

  42. NYT is American, it could have been WAZOO.

  43. This one was so annoying, i have a yellow A in guess one and then just a green A for the next 4 guesses. Took me half an hour of breaking my brain to come up with kazoo for guess 6, I'm pretty sure it was the only word left with the letters I had remaining. 🥲

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