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Wordle in a Minute – 18th March 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Here’s another attempt at Wordle in a Minute – please note that we can’t control the thumbnail, YouTube doesn’t let us!


  1. I got it in 2 as well! ROWDY YACHT. I was so thrilled!

  2. I started with CHART and was stumped at first, as to how I could possibly move the CH around and still end up with a word. Got it in 2 after some consideration though!

  3. wow that one was fast! great job and perfect choice for a starting word

  4. Yacht was the only possible solution (according to WordleBot). I had the same 2-word solve, but not as fast as Mark.

  5. also got in two Might- Yacht . there was no other word in my mind that ended in ht

  6. my guess for tomorrow's starting word is index.

  7. One more guess than Mark
    Image -> Latch -> Yacht

  8. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter body parts, alphabetically

    ILIUM could be next, it’s the upper part of the hip bone. There’s also INCUS, also known as the anvil in the middle ear.

  9. Knowing there's an H definitely made this one a lot easier.

  10. Got this in three well done as always

  11. After watching this I realised I forgot to do yesterday's puzzle. 😢

  12. Aught, Shoat and Unhat were the only other possibilities

  13. 2 go as well!
    Candy > yacht
    Was very confused when y wasn't last place, and yacht was the only thing that came to mind

  14. When you started so quickly into the video I thought you had needed almost exactly a minute and edited it sharply—that was fortunately all unfounded 🙂

  15. I didn't have an "h" to help me: petal, tardy, nasty, yacht.

  16. The only 11 possible accepted second words: yacht, aucht, aught, aight, pahit, takht, ahint, bahut, phwat, unhat, shoat

  17. HEART is my everyday starting word and I did this one in two as well.


    I really wanted to keep the C and H together. That was my only goal as I thought up new words. Got there eventually.

  19. What will happen first?
    Mark's streak comes to an end, or he solves Wordle in 1?

  20. Took me 1 more try, but I was happy with my 3: EARNS/LATCH/YACHT

  21. Streak is now more than half a year, really impressive! Congratulations!

  22. It took me 4 tries: glove, think, watch, yacht. Tied my longest streak of 24.

  23. I managed to get this one to 4, Yacht probably being the last possible word.
    If you used a word that ended in T it really narrows it down once you get more letters.

    Auger – Patch – Tachi – Yacht

  24. COAST-TACIT-YACHT – omitted LINER as my usual second guess.

  25. I'm so relieved, the red sweater is not a Wordle jinx! 🤣🤣
    Congratulations, Mark, very well done indeed!!! 👏👏🥳🥳

  26. Tomorrow is ILIUM. I kindly ask Mark to mention that it was me who first suggested ILIUM:)

  27. I also got it in 2 with my usual starting word of CRYPT

  28. I dont doubt him but how can we be sure hes not checking it before he "tries it" 🥹😆

  29. Could be ilium as vitar1988 mentioned above or it could be iliac???

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