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Wordle in a Minute – 18th June 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Still trying to get every Wordle done in a minute or less … in Hard Mode


  1. A lot of people know it because of Don't wordle)))

  2. I'm starting to feel like Wordle sucks. Whoever is in charge of it at NYT seems to have lost sight of players wanting it to be difficult, yes, but also fun. This last month or so has not been fun, too many days

  3. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter alcoholic drinks, alphabetically (Different streak in-between: Words describing King Charles’ birthday parade)

    The horse thing convinced me that the parade theme is correct. What else could there be, QUEEN? PLANE? Maybe TROOP COLOR, because the event’s formal name is Trooping the Colour

  4. Ha ha, got it in three but required far more thought.

  5. That looks like a streak-killer, if there ever were one.

  6. Got it on 6th. I got knocked out today 😢

  7. It's a bit of a trap but also pretty easy when you run out of vowels.

  8. had this in four. ratio (all grey) –> nudge (all grey) –> lymph (3 yellow) –> shyly.
    To be honest, no standard vowels probably makes it easier if you get through a lot of vowels in 2 goes. The group of words without aeiou isn't all that big.

  9. Until yesterday, I was under the assumption that "shy" is it's standalone word. Never have I ever heard "shyly" before.

    I suppose even in TV/Series people simply talk "wrong" too often, as "She is such a shy person" should then be wrong, no? Either way, english is weird! 😀

  10. All grey vowels had me stunned, luckily pulled through in 5 attempts

  11. That's the first Wordie i've ever seen. I feel empowered. Thank you and well done. I would never have gotten Shyly.

  12. Phpht

    Phpht > Chaos > Shine > Shush > Shyly
    was a fun word tbh
    took me a bit but wasnt incredibly imposible.

  13. I got this in 4. I had so much grey on my first 3 guesses that there weren't many letters left to choose from. Bread>Pouty>Wingy>Shyly

  14. TIRED->POUCH->SHALL->SHYLY. Guess 4 was easy as basically it was the only word possible.

  15. I agree that once you realize there is no aeiou, this is pretty easy to solve, especially if you've tried out the common S along the way, and maybe the H. Got it in four.

  16. This took me ages to get, can’t believe Mark can do it within a minute.

  17. Mine was a guess guess.
    Glaze -> Lumpy -> Silty -> Shyly

  18. It took me so long to get this right. Tried all of the vowels, and was so confused when nothing worked. Got it in 5 tries: READY > SULKY > SILLY > SONLY > SHYLY

  19. It does seem a cruel word, but the group of friends I share Wordle results with all got it. In some ways it is easier than the hard-mode-heck-potential words. Thanks, as always, Mark.

  20. SMOUT –> SHARE –> SHILL –> SHYLY When you eliminate all vowels you know they're being sneaky. Today's one almost broke me.


    Quite a tricky word, with that lack of standard vowels.

  22. After three I had two options: slyly and shyly. I went with slyly and was so proud I saw it, and it seemed a perfect NYT wordle choice, but it wasn't to be!

  23. SHYLY comes up regularly in the Jumble in my newspaper (yes, I read a newspaper, on paper: more than one, in fact), so I knew it was a suitable word-game trickster. Thus: SHIRT, SHAME, SHOCK, couldn't think of anything starting SHU given what was eliminated, so got SHYLY in 4. In actual speech I think I'd be more apt to say "bashfully" or "diffidently," depending on circumstances.

  24. I was so confused by the lack of usual vowels but I ended up getting it

  25. Fun fact, the letter y is a vowel in french, meaning that word could actually have 2 vowels instead of zero.

  26. I couldn't think of a 3rd word, can you tell?

  27. Well done sir I thought this would stump a lot of people! Great job getting the y

  28. When I was taught the vowels my teacher said "A E I O U and sometimes Y and W. But this was a sly word choice.

  29. SPARE -> SLINK -> SULLY -> SHYLY … that took me a few minutes! 😅

  30. A E I O U and sometimes Y…
    Wordle is evil, but it seems like most people got it anyway. 💪
    Well done, Mark!! I have no idea where 'fancy suits horse' is going…

  31. I am going to "shyly" "c-c-combo breaker!" some peoples careers.

  32. I only got this one because I do a lot of Squardle and that word comes up frequently since it enables middle words ending in Y

  33. Got it in 2 and feeling smug about it 😁

  34. Not my native language but I like to try them anyway. But SHYLY broke me yesterday 🙁

  35. It appears pretty often in squardle so wasn't fooled this time

  36. Please start with "gamer" on 27th for my birthday

  37. 19th one is a Tricky one (I got in 6), and 20th is not bad (in 5)

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