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Wordle in a Minute – 18th April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Another attempt to avoid Hard Mode Heck in trying to get Wordle done in a minute or less


  1. After POUND, why didn't you just guess SHOWN? The possible first letter will turn yellow and we are absolutely sure it's HOUND.

  2. Had 4 goes at the OUND ending and lost… what a brutal hard mode round to follow yesterday's failure!

  3. This one ruined my streak! Made it through mound, pound, found and wound! (bound and hound still being valid options)

  4. Quina is not a tree, but rather the bark of the Cinchona tree which is the natural source of quinine.

  5. Given the negative behaviour from Plarium, I will only go after fusions that have utility in more than one area.

    I've stopped spending. I doubt I'll ever resume thst.

  6. Nice. I got it in 6, but only by abusing easy mode to discount some possibilities.

  7. Lucky to get the 'H' on a previous guess so this wasn't that hard. Started with ENTRY – which aims to find the last letter, then SHOWN: but I bet a lot of people lost their streak. Don't think many will lose their streak on Wednesday's word.

  8. Even being "flung" into Hard Mode Heck doesn't deter Mark!

  9. I lucked out – both by hitting the trap at step 2, and lucking into the answer at step 4 (hard mode).

  10. I was lucky with this when I chose cough as my second guess n eventually got the required H

  11. I managed to avoid hard mode hell by getting an H on my second guess. After my 3rd guess Hound was the only possible answer. Trick>Shape>Bough>Hound

  12. I was in deep HMH too and was also lucky. There is always an element of luck in this game. Whew! Thanks, Mark.

  13. i started with found and it took me 5 to get it

  14. Yay Mark! I got stuck in hard mode heck and lost. I couldn’t remember what was used before either.


    Finding that H early definitely saved me from Hard Mode Hell.

    According to my records, the only other _OUND words that have been the answer before are FOUND and SOUND. But my records only go back as far as March '22, so there could have been others before.

  16. I lost my streak here. Bound, found, sound

  17. Opened with the plusword answer, which that day was DEATH. Got this in 3

  18. Slightly cheated, as I was forewarned that it was a word with a lot of possible first letters. SHIRT > BUNCH > HOUND

  19. You wouldn't believe it but I got it in the first try! Just have a habit of going hound or mound and this time it got me an ace!

  20. This killed my streak.
    Cloud – > mound – > pound – > found – > round – >sound

  21. I know it goes against what you like to do but playing a word like swish would have been a safer play instead of hound.

  22. This was the first wordle I’ve ever lost, ending my streak of 147. That hurt.

  23. i also had to luck this out, after pound and sound and wound, i hit hound, but mound and found still could have be the soltion

  24. You got the luck I didn't 4 guesses, 3 goes and lucked out.

  25. Hey, im really wondering if this isn't in the spirit of the game. But for the fifth guess wouldn't it be safer to guess something like "shame"?

    It gives you 3 guesses in one and reduces the chance o losing 🙂

  26. I guessed Pound second with no other info. I was playing hard mode. I didn't get it

  27. Hard mode indeed. I had OUND by guess 2, and lost my 115 streak.

  28. I went RAISE HOUND !!
    A good friend against whom I play always starts with house…he was getting excited ! He obviously got it in 2 too.

  29. I was doing the same thought process for this word when -OUND came up….I think I remember FOUND and WOUND were words already

  30. قمرة الأفتر إفكتس - QomrahAE says:

    Funny enough HOUND is one of my starting words
    Just got it in 3

  31. A hard mode streak killer for sure. Had -OUND on guess 2 and had a 1/3 chance for the last guess, but got super lucky to finish with a 6/6. Currently at 101, so happy to keep it going!

  32. Wouldn't something like guessing "shows" get you there for the 2nd to last guess. Instead of going by luck?

  33. These have been used before: SOUND, FOUND, ROUND, POUND.

  34. I used to change the opening word when I first started playing wordle last year but stuck to Alive few months ago and I am starting to wonder if I should go rogue like you. 🙂

  35. If you are in this situation, you don't have to make a guess that has the known letters in the right position, you can guess a word that has as many as possible of the potential unknowns in it to see which of them becomes yellow, in this case "WHOPS" for instance.

  36. Just use a different word, with all of the possible beginning letters? Don't guess blindly 🙄

  37. This one got me. TABLE, PROUD, MOUND, SOUND, FOUND, WOUND. Followed by despair.

  38. This ended my lucky streak of 132 ( not hard mode) 😢


  39. There's that psychic connection with Wordle again… or perhaps just genius instincts. They rarely fail you, Mark. So enjoyable to watch!
    Well done, see you tomorrow!!

  40. Lost my 80 streak, had SOUND as third guess with 6 possible words left

  41. I chickened out on hard mode in this one, i had 4 possible options and only two guesses left 🤣 funnily enough, whiff was the word that gave me the answer

  42. I also fell for the trap, but I wasn't playing Hard Mode so that gave me ONE spare guess to scout the missing letter with.

  43. I guessed pound first on this one and it was hard mode heck until I got it on the last guess 😅

  44. I understand that some people want to push for the lowest possible number, but I just push for the binary win/loss condition. If I was looking at wound, hound, sound, or mound, with two guesses left to go, you can be damn sure I would play "Shawm" (a centuries old type of woodwind instrument) the only strategy which guarantees a victory.

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