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Wordle in a Minute – 17th March 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Mark tries to get through Wordle in a minute or less – in Hard Mode


  1. Why can’t the diagonal colors be different colors, I hate those colors!

  2. Got it in 3

    But yeah, what a weird word

  3. in spite of it being literally pointless, my guess for next starting word is hands

  4. Anyone else wondering what word Mark will start with when he gets to P? 😂

  5. Got it in two : ENTRY – MEALY : a bit lucky.

  6. I didn't like that word either! It is strange.

  7. "weald" isn't so unusual in Deep Rock Galactic

  8. I had the same thought process more or less. Strange word.

  9. Obviously have never read David Copperfield. Shameful.

  10. Mark and I had the same reaction to having to guess mealy

  11. I remember my fourth was LEAFY, then went for VEALY and decided to go for MEALY instead of DEALY to my relief.

  12. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter body parts, alphabetically

    As Mark implied, tomorrow’s word is most likely to be HEART

  13. Is "mealy" to Mark what "moist" is to some people?

  14. So, so funny. I had a good friend (sadly deceased) who thought that groin was an impolite word! (Even though one hears of it as an injury on nearly every football broadcast!) and you find mealy a dreadful word, Mark! Your facial expressions had me cracking up!

  15. Got it in 3 turns, but turn 3 took a while… EARNS/HEADY/MEALY

  16. Being Scottish I remember school dinners used to often include mealy pudding so while it suprised me that it was the answer I didn't think twice about it. Unlike England that just has black pudding Scotland seems to have a plethora of black, red, white and mealy puddings.

  17. I frankly have not heard the word mealy nor do I know what it means 😂

  18. I went SOUND – TRAMP and then I just went with MEALY for some reason

  19. ALMOST got this one in two. I started with Valet then I tried Meals just because I wanted to test the S. I should’ve just gone with mealy

  20. I was watching a video about potatoes, which helped a bit.


    Not quite as definitive as it was a few days ago, but still, after having a couple of "no hits", getting a flood of color on the following guess is satisfying.

  22. SPARE -> MEANT -> MEALY (I thought the exact same thing "mealy? thats dreadful, I don't want to use that" 😅 I don't even know if it would've have let me play MEADY & there wasn't anything else it could've been!)

  23. Tomorrow he will start with "HEART" and get the correct answer in the second attempt itself because it ends in the letter "T" and contains the letter "H" and one vowel from "HEART".

  24. MEALY

    That's the conclusion I came to.

    [prob 30 seconds — when it took Mark 10 — and he didn't like it ]

    MEALY though
    [apples and fruits can most definitely be mealy]

    good job

  25. My groin is useless, I'll tell you that much 😓

  26. I can't believe you actually went with mealy there. I didn't even know it existed

  27. I had the same thought about "mealy," I didn't want to play it for a while. But fortunately I couldn't think of anything else and I got it in three! CIDER -> LEAST -> MEALY

  28. Could have had it in 25 seconds, Mark. 😛
    I guess the word is like the sound of people chewing… drives some people up a wall and others, no effect. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    See you tomorrow!!
    p.s. PINKY was just the answer recently, so don't pick it!

  29. Mark, you're being a bit mealy mouthed about mealy! Not sure if that's even right bit it's the only context I've ever heard it in.

  30. Everybody goes for heart tomorrow, so i will say that it is going to be Hilar

  31. I was thinking scald or scalp, mealy doesn't even sound like a word

  32. I like the word mealy. I like how it is so similar to the German word mehlig (meaning like flour).

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