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Wordle in a Minute – 17th April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Mark’s streak of 211 successful Wordles came to an end in yesterday’s video. Will he manage to avoid a streak of 2 failures today?


  1. Where’s the one that ended the streak? Did you not post it?

  2. Could you provide the video of the streak -ender? I haven't been able to watch it

  3. Oh no!!! I didn't know that Mark lost his massive streak.

  4. So depressed, that I did not watch this yesterday when you posted it. WHIFF is such a funny word. Surprised that you did not comment. Well you got up and got back on that horse!

  5. Where’s the recording of the end of the streak??

  6. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter trees, alphabetically

    First of all, I really believe Mark can regain and even one-up the streak! I can’t find any Q trees, and the only R trees I can find is ROBLE, but I’m sure there are more

  7. I felt so bad for you losing your streak yesterday…. Today I lost my own 140 day hard mode streak :/

  8. Lol seeing you getting it so easily is painful. I failed on whiff. After my first 3 words the only letter I had was i.

  9. Two days in a row where my second guess left me with exactly one valid word to play. And again it took me a while to find it.

  10. One in a row already. Best of luck on this streak!

  11. One thing I've started going since my most recent wordle implosion… I do the telegraph plusword and use the solution for that as the starting point for wordle. You can have that one for free if you want to try that mark 😁

  12. Tricky word…
    Light -> Shied -> Chimp -> Whiny -> Whiff

  13. Let's hope new streak doesn't end on april 18, as mine did

  14. My second guess was FIFTH so a lucky double F guess early on and the yellow I and H made this a 3 for me!

  15. Too much emphasis on the streak. Just play it because you enjoy it 🙂

  16. This was an odd one for me – only a few yellows before I got the answer.

  17. NYT is mocking you after your WHIFF yesterday

  18. I got dwelt but messed up yesterday so you are one ahead of me on the streak now.

  19. Poor Mark 🥺 don't be too upset! Happens to the best of us (literally)

  20. I got it in three after hesitating to guess it in two not wanting to repeat a letter so early like you say
    A bit annoyed I didn't just guess it in two and instead guessed a plural on the second guess 🥲
    Also im new to the nyt version im playing along now with the same streak as you 😊

  21. Got it in 3, even with a bust on the starter: SNORT > CHILD > WHIFF

  22. What happened on the 16th? I can’t find it.

  23. Only valid wordle words left were: WHIFF, WHINNY, WHIRL


    All greens, which is its own little reward, I suppose.

  25. Peach turned out to be a great starting word, ruling out all the CH words.
    And I feel that first day on new streak frustration Mark, it's actually nice to see someone else frustrated after losing a streak just like me.

  26. So glad to see you back on the horse, and a very nice collected trot that was, too. Thanks for these daily treats!

  27. Fours -> Whiff
    Can’t believe I got it in 2, especially since it’s got a double

  28. I got it in 4… It's impressive that his mind goes to that so quickly!

  29. November 15th for the new high mark on the streak in case anyone is wondering

  30. Another breakdown of how many word choices were available after each successive guess.

    The process starts with a word list of 14853 words.

    The first guess of 'peach' reduces the list down to 337 choices.

    The second guess of 'shout' reduces the list down to 9 choices. The 9 choices were dhikr, ghyll, rhymy, whiff, whilk, whiny, whirl, whirr, whizz (all of which are accepted in Wordle)

  31. This is the one I missed:
    CLEAR – all gray
    BOUND – all gray
    PYGMY – all gray (getting worried now)
    don't remember, but I got a green "I" in this guess
    WHISK – o boy
    There goes my streak

  32. Phone -> Ghast -> Chuck -> Rhymy -> Whizz -> Whiff

  33. You had it in 25 seconds, you just had to talk yourself into typing it in. Honestly… genius.
    Congrats on the start of a new streak of one!! See you tomorrow! 👋

  34. I guessed WHIRL before WHIFF, unfortunately 😅

  35. Loved that!

    "I didn't want that much luck today!" 😂

  36. Congrats on a new winning streak!! 🎉

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