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Wordle in a Minute – 16th April 2023 (the End?)

Cracking The Cryptic
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Sometimes you just have to get lucky to keep your streak alive …

All of the run of 211 correct Wordles in a minute are available on our channel – why do I think this will become the most watched one?


  1. I sometimes struggle to find the word, sometimes even don't know the word and have to guess it. (English is not my native language.) And then I watch Mark do it in a few guesses under a minute. Yesterday was quite the opposite. I was very lucky (DREAM – DWELL – DWELT) and for a second I thought I would have my first win in 2 guesses. And then Mark loses his 211 streak. Whaaaaat 😲 Bad luck. Fingers crossed for the next big streak, Mark, you are incredible 🙂

  2. I know you'll take a moment to play "Taps" for your amazing streak, then do that very British thing of carrying on tomorrow as normal.
    I gave up and cheated, using a wordle solver after 3 guesses ("exult" being one of them). So my streak of 12 means nothing, at least yours is always honest. 🤗
    Thanks for the daily treat, and we'll see you tomorrow!! 👋

  3. So sorry Mark, this took me a lot longer than it usually does,
    and a lucky second entry seriously limited my choices.
    Stern — Pleat — Dwelt

  4. Congrats on the streak. Looking forward to the next few hundred attempts 😊

  5. Sorry about the streak, but it is an amazing accomplishment. Very well done, and this was a particularly hard word. No shame in losing to this puzzle.

  6. Wow a 211 streak is amazing. My max streak is 63 and when I failed for the first time it really broke my motivation. But since I found your videos I'm back at it (I am at a streak of 9 with 276 played and 96% so far) and now I have a goal set on the Horizon -> 212+ here I come 😉
    Please keep at it and promise us that you won't lose your motivation.

  7. Dwelt is a harsh word I only got it without hard mode my fourth guess was all different letters

  8. Aah i feel the heartbreak so much. I stopped hard mode for a few weeks after my streak ended at 190 🤣🤣 currently on my second attempt to get back up to it after falling at 115. Congrats on the amazing streak and looking forward to seeing you match it and pass it in the future!

  9. This is the first time I can remember that the answer has been a verb in past tense. Until now I thought the rules for answer words were something like "all nouns are singular; all verbs are in the infinitive." Was I always wrong about this, or did they change it?

    Anyway, congrats on an amazing streak! Watching your videos inspired me to use different starting words instead of always the same "adieu" -> "sport" because I realized it's more fun that way. 🙂

  10. No reason to chastise yourself over this. After you got "elt", there were multiple words it could've been, (knelt, spelt, dwelt and svelt for example), and you only had 2 guesses. You've been lucky, up to this point, in this situation, where you guessed the right word. This time you didn't. The only surprising thing here is it took so long for this to happen. Cheers!

  11. Mark's first loss in seven months and just his fifth overall. In his defense, though, "dwelt" does not strike me as a word a lot of people use every day.

  12. That killed my streak as well. I couldn’t even finish, as I am also using hard rules, and I couldn’t make a word.😢

  13. If only you had come up with DWELL …

  14. Really unlucky with how that worked out at the end with having more options than guesses left, but it was still an incredible streak and a brilliant achievement!

  15. I don't know if it is considered cheating, but I often use words that have not necessarily all the yellow letters to test more letters. I'm not a native speaker, so I don't feel guilty

  16. All good things must come to an end.

    My current streak is around 145, so obviously I missed one that you got. It stinks when it happens, but we move on.

  17. Still time to beat the streak before Christmas!

  18. I got completely stuck after guessing "TOWEL" (by guess 4), then had to abandon my clues while I tested a double vowel, which fortunately confirmed there was a D so by final guess I had all five letters. Tough word (unless you at some point guess "dwell").

  19. Thankfully, I got this one in four. Now my streak is at 101 and I will try to beat Mark's.

  20. Poor Mark — hard luck! And on a distinctly British word, too — I was very surprised to see DWELT since I'd assume NYT house style would write "dwelled" if it used the word at all. Well, yeah, get back on the horse and get that new streak going: we're all rooting for you.

  21. Congratulations on getting so far. Imposing less than ideal
    starting words on yourself takes the game to another level. Bravo!

  22. Sorry to see Mark's streak end. I got this in 3 after being lucky and getting E and T right in my first guess.

  23. Thank you very much for not giving up and starting a new streak tomorrow, Mark. There's quite a lot of us who really appreciate it. Good luck!

  24. Birth, steam, cleft, knelt, dwelt, but it from 6am when I took a break at work to around 6PM working on after I got home from work Wordel in a very long time. Sorry to see your streak end Mark. Looking forward to your next one. 😀

  25. Oh no! Your once a week audio gaffe has robbed us of your reaction to losing your streak… perhaps you swore profusely and covered it with a "technical hitch"!

    I'm sure you're far too much a gentleman to swear wantonly.

    Commiserations to you, however, as you state, if you can start again at your beginnings and never breathe a word about your loss…

  26. I honestly thought you'd mastered Wordle to the point of never missing another one. There's certainly a method, even in hard mode, to basically never miss but very difficult to achieve with a time constraint.

  27. Oh no! I'm sorry, Mark. An absolutely brilliant streak to be sure, and I'm super sad about it 😕😔

  28. Dwelt is absolutely brutal. Please keep the series going, seeing how skilled you are at this always motivates me to try again every time my streak ends.

  29. You have a brilliant attitude and I'm really pleased you're not giving up. Now you have a streak to beat 🙂

  30. Guessing dwell on the 5th try got me to dwelt. I have never heard the past tense usage of dwell in my life.

  31. Tough luck. So many times I saw the word and thought that it was a streak-killer, only for you to get it in 2 or 3, but DWELT was not one of them. 211 is an impressive streak, though, considering your previous streak was 65.

  32. Amazing run, I’m sorry to see your streak broken. I really enjoy watching you think through the puzzles!!

  33. 7 months more to surpass the streak 💪

  34. Hazel as your second guess was where you went wrong.

  35. If it makes you feel better, I, too, went for EXULT in this solve. And uh… good luck with the 18th's.

    Times is getting nasty. Times wants streaks broken.

  36. Gutted for you. The pain was clear to see! 😕 great run though!!😃

  37. This one was really really difficult. Well done! Love watching your videos!

  38. I was unwell yesterday so started with

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