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Wordle in a Minute – 15th May 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Trying to get Wordle done in a minute is not always easy – the last time Mark failed, the word was KAYAK …


  1. I really wasn't into wordle, and then these shorts got me into it… now my son wants to do a wordle with me every day, and of course watch the short video here of the the one we recently did the other day also!

  2. Lol, I was wondering if that one would stump you. Good job. I got it in 2: PHONE > CANOE.😅

  3. According to scoredle, the only other valid word would have been CAFFE.

  4. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: The 5-letter words in “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, a poem by Robert Frost

    BELLS should be next, from “He GIVES his harness BELLS a SHAKE”

  5. Hiya Mark. 🙂👋 Got this one in 3 somehow. BROKE OLIVE CANOE. I somehow thought of the OE pair which immediately limited the options vastly. I used to canoe as a kid too. Loved it. 🚣

  6. I always start with PAUSE, ROILY, then THCK. Got CANOE in three with this strategy.

  7. My regular starting word is OCEAN, so today I was unconventionally lucky!

  8. My Partner figured Canoe on the second try. Mostly just because she used it on our self-made in-plane-wordle to trick me with it 😀

  9. I thought I started off really well on this one only to find out there's a lot of options with CA__E

  10. Funny how he also struggled with KAYAK a few weeks ago

  11. DEMON CANOE. Lucky first word. With the 'o' in 4th, I couldn't think of anywhere but 5th for 'e', which quickly led me to canoe.

  12. It's always tricky when you have some weird letters in known positions and very few options that are all weird words.

  13. Mine was STARE > LANCE > CANOE, but only because my second guess luckily spelled it out for me

  14. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening – Robert Frost

  15. 5 to get to canoe, but nerly 15 minutes timewise 😮

  16. I didn't want to enter canoe as I was sure it had already been used by wordle, turns out I had it confused with kayak.

  17. A funny and difficult for us to find out oppening words sequence might be the 5 letter words of a shakespere play in order

  18. I have started with canoe every day for 15 months! It’s been a running joke about my optimism and today was a wonderful day 🎉

  19. It’s a funny word, isn’t it? Thanks for the Wordle, Mark.

  20. I got there by an odd path…

  21. Crane > Canoe. I’ve been trying to follow along using the same opening sequence pattern, but yesterday I forgot and it looks like I lucked out in that regard.

  22. I did it in 5th go, my usual starters were SAINT->MONEY, then I knew where AN were and I also knew O & E were in word, then I went to EXCEL, I got to know where E was, I also knew that I had C so I knew it had to be CANOE

  23. Not many words with that a-e configuration.

  24. My son always uses Canoe because he figured it would eventually be right. Yesterday was his big day!

  25. I always trust my intuition to give me a random starting word every day. Yesterday was a lucky one: MASON – CANOE


    We've had a lot of words with C in them recently.

  27. Good to see Mark is as mortal as the rest of us sometimes!

  28. This was a tough one. I have admit I enjoy watching Mark hit the wall😅😅

  29. I like playing along because I absolutely forget what the word was 24 hours later

  30. This was the scariest one for me yet. I had just tied my previous streak record of 128 and I still only had the A and E after five tries. Canoe was my last resort and thankfully it was right, giving me a new longest streak of 129 that I hope will last much longer.

  31. Mark kept saying, "no" and those were the exact letters he needed 🙂

  32. That was a very quick 2 minutes… Seemed like a short. It just shows how difficult it is to perform under pressure every single day.
    Very well done, Mark! 👏👏👏
    Remember, the normal humans like to be reassured that you're not a robot from time to time, so this kind of thing has to happen. 😁
    See you tomorrow!! XO

  33. ADIEU is my current favorite word to start with

  34. SPARE -> ALIKE -> BATHE-> CANOE (I also struggled with that a bit 😅)

  35. Another nail-biter! With the long video time and "failed" in the description, I was half expecting Mark's streak would end — well done, Mark! And no, it needn't always be true that "if it were done, 'twas well 't be done quickly"!

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