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Wordle in a Minute – 14th November 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Sometimes Wordle can be a very cruel mistress …


  1. Quake – inbox – party – saggy – sassy

  2. I am always forgetting about the double letters!!!! I would never have thought of SASSY

  3. I got it in 4 idk how I did better then all of the rest of the Wordle community

  4. Got this one wrong. Guessed savvy for my last guess. 🙁

  5. A cruel evil word, indeed. Congrats for getting it. Broke my streak.

  6. This one broke my streak of 423. Like others, I had the SA__Y trap

  7. I tried SAVVY before SASSY, and the swear words flew.
    Looking natty today Mark! Enjoyed the livestream, can't wait till you play again. XO

  8. I was down to saggy, savvy and sassy, and got lucky on my last guess

  9. man i didn't get it cuz i tried saggy and savvy and then i ran out of chances. i did the same today, didn't get it after 4 tries it with 4 of the letters correct 🙁

  10. 3 for me, chose the most evil possibility evident.

  11. Got it in 2 😅 FEAST – SASSY but mostly because i couldn't think of any other word with an S – ending.

  12. TRAMP

    I was very pleased to get it in 5, and it took me a lot more than a minute.

  13. I got this one in 6


    I thought SASSY had been the answer before, which is why I tried SAGGY and SAVVY first. SAVVY would’ve been epic, but not this time I suppose.

  14. Protip: Start with AUDIO and guess an E word after.

  15. Lost my 106 day streak😢. Only had the sa and the y and went sandy, saggy, savvy to death. Didn’t even think of a triple s. Oh well, we go again…

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