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Wordle in a Minute – 14th May 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Here’s another attempt to get Wordle done in a minute or less – with a bit of a queer start.


  1. It could have been swarm too,so you were so lucky

  2. Does “hard mode” require you to use ‘found’ letters?

  3. Yep, I was in the same situation. Tried SWARM before SCARF.

  4. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: The 5-letter words in “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, a poem by Robert Frost

    The next non-repeating word in the poem is GIVES

  5. Couldn't get anything going with my first two guesses and then found almost everything with my third guess.

  6. I tried SCARY on my 5th guess and only then SCARF

  7. As STARK is my all-time first guess, it was an all green day for me. Still needed 5 tries:


  8. 4 guesses on this one
    Mommy -> Latch -> Creak -> Scarf

  9. I also used Rapid as my 2nd word. Funny you mention Scary after the finish.
    Auger – Rapid – Shark – Scary – Scarf

  10. Had three greens from the get go with SOARE but still failed :')


  11. Yeah this one killed me didn’t help I mistyped and used “scars” after scary

  12. So no one's gonna talk about how Mark is literally red like an apple? 🍎👀 Hope he's alright.

  13. "unhelpful queer" is probably the best way I could describe myself

  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one who caught the sun this weekend! I got this in 3. Flour>Craft>Scarf

  15. I had a similar path but got it in 6, went SCARY first.

  16. Was in the S_AR_ position from the second guess. Took 4 attempts to get it

  17. Love these shorts. Thanks, as always, Mark.

  18. No scarf yesterday! Bit of sunburn on display !

  19. QUEER-ROAST-SHARK-SNARL-SWARM-SCARF. If the answer was SCARY, it would have ended my streak. GIVES should be up next, skipping to the next stanza. Fortunately, the 3rd stanza has several 5 letter words to use.

  20. Queer > Sport > Shirk > Swarm > Snarl > Scarf. I didn’t even realize “scary” was a possibility until after the fact, so thankfully luck was on my side to keep the streak alive.

  21. Got the S-AR- early, and then had way too many possibilities.

    RAISE > START > SPARK > SWARM > SNARL > SCARF. SHARD was also a possibility, as was SCARY if the C was correct.

  22. Happily, I never wound up i the hard mode trap: EARNT/ROACH/CRAMP/SCARF

  23. I tried scary as 3rd word, to eliminate letters and then only left scarf.

  24. I thought Mark was using hard mode. Doesn't that preclude using the R at the end of the word on the third guess or do I have the rules wrong?

  25. SPARE -> THICK -> SCARY -> SCARF (I normally try to play as if I'm in hard mode but I didn't even try today and did another elimination word second. I couldn't even begin to remember which S _ A R _ words we've had already (really all I could remember was SNARL…)


    I thought I might have had this in two, but that final letter just didn't want to be green yet. So close.

  27. lol starts off with unhelpful queer lmao

  28. I just got done playing a practice round on my Wordle app, struggling with GRA_E. I had 4 attempts left, with winning a streak of 42. I lost!!

  29. Funny, I was in a similar conundrum and went with SCARY instead of SCARF as my last attempt… lost a 41-day streak

  30. I went from SHAWL to SCARF, and now I miss Winter very much.
    Nicely done, Mark!! Completely avoided HMH and kept the streak alive! 👏👏👏

  31. I got it in three, RAISE STRAY SCARF.😅

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