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Wordle in a Minute – 14th March 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Here comes another attempt at Wordle in a Minute – and this starting word IS a body part!


  1. Thanks for reminding me to book my prostate exam, Mark ☝️😳🤗

  2. "…and slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of god."
    I don't know those words from the poem that I see many other commenters mentioning, but from Reagan's speech after the Challenger disaster.

  3. There is a brewery here in Minnesota (USA) Called Surly. They posted yesterday that they finally got Wordle in 1 guess

  4. Well done! This one was very difficult for me.

  5. I always start with pause then roily to get all the vowels.

  6. My predictions for the next starting words:

  7. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter body parts, alphabetically

    Like yesterday, I think tomorrow’s word is ELBOW

  8. Got in 2. CLAIM>SURLY I, too, had the line from Reagan’s speech about the Challenger disaster (plucked from a poem). That day sticks with me and I think about those engineers who were bullied into letting the launch happen.

  9. Does anyone think the words recently have got REALLY unusual??? Well done, Mark – you're the only person to ever get me interested in words!!!

  10. That’s an amazing poem. I recognized it as having been read at a friend’s memorial service some years ago; a retired naval pilot, he died peacefully in his airplane seat on his way to join a friend on a birdwatching jaunt. If it could ever have been said that flying was in a man’s blood, it could be said of him.

  11. One of those edge-of-the-seat videos: amazing how much drama there can be in a single minute! Of course, we all know from the music that it's going to come out OK!

  12. Didn't expect I would have to go through this many words ending on _URLY for this one.

  13. I did it fairly easily and quickly with Agave, Brown, Rusty, Surly. I liked Mark's "dig it" comment!

  14. Mark. Can you please not put the puzzle in the thumb nail. kinda ruins the surprise. Thanks

  15. Watching this is part of my daily routine

  16. Ah digit dig it, I saw what you did there 😉. We're both so smart 😎

  17. Starting with a word with twice the same vowel is not a good idea…

  18. Good old SIREN was again helpful, got it in three…


    I can't imagine there were many options left after guess three. The letter "I" was still available, but the "U" certainly could only be second.

  20. Love the High Flight reference. My dad has that poem framed and hanging on his wall. ✈️

  21. Didn't know the meaning of that word – only reason I got it is because I got lucky with the previous guesses and had 3 greens, 1 yellow – since there was only one other spot the yellow could go in, I just had to guess the last letter into something at least resembling a word and sure enough, SURLY is a word.

  22. A couple of thoughts: DIGIT followed by PROBE in a word list of body parts doesn't bring up the most pleasant image. 🤭
    "Dig it" made me laugh, but the poem was unfamiliar to me. Thanks to the commenters for turning me on to a new classic poem.
    Finally, I got this in 4, partly by guessing SCULL. Scull is not a word that I know, but skull is… Sometimes it helps to do Wordle late at night when you're sleepy. 👍
    Thanks for the short, Mark, and see you tomorrow! 👋

  23. So annoying that these are released as YouTube Shorts (spoiler in thumbnail + latest iOS release of YT don't show them in the subscription feed anymore but instead in a new view) … So now I forget to watch them…😢

  24. Got it in 5 had the s the whole time fourth guess was sound finally getting a yellow

  25. I got my first Wordle In 2! Started with shrug and couldn’t think of another word than surly.

  26. He forgot "aorta" as one of the starting words

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