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Wordle in a Minute – 14th April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Trying to get Wordle done in a minute again – and today’s start is MAPLE.


  1. I also struggled with 'I before E' looking wrong!

  2. Got it in 4…but it slipped my mind to write down the actual guesses. All I know is:
    Guess 1: 5th letter yellow
    Guess 2: E correct
    Guess 3: T and E correct
    Guess 4: THIEF

  3. Got it in 2!
    STARE -> THIEF 😀
    21st time in 341 attempts I've got it in 2. Not bad. 🙂

  4. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter trees, alphabetically

    I found NOGAL for the N tree, that’s a Spanish name for the English walnut, and NATAL for the Natal plum, but I’m not sure if either really fit

  5. Got nothing from my first guess and then almost everything from my second.

  6. Whilst practicing, I often get to the 4th line and I'm faced with something like _unch. That leaves me with three options Hunch, Lunch & Bunch. With only two attempt left, I ALWAYS pick the wrong ones and I'm out! How can I make better choices? What's the secret? Anybody?

  7. What the heck, brain, why did you think of TITHE and THINE before THIEF?


    Pure luck getting this in three. I almost tried THEFT instead but decided to avoid a double letter so early. Glad I did.

  9. 2/6 for me
    Still starting with FLAIR, and THIEF was the only word I could think of with I that didn't start with F

  10. I had that same feeling about spelling ‘their’ wrong. Thanks, Mark.

  11. SPARE -> BLEND -> THIEF (this took me a few minutes, but I got there in 3!)

  12. I started with Genus then just kept moving the E around. Dream, Covet and Thief. I said the same thing “is it their but spelt wrong?” 😂

  13. Luckily I tried THEFT as my third guess. The answer was quite clear after that.

  14. I got this in 3, and I'm a bit irritated that it took 3 tries. I paused a video of a speedrun of 'Thief:The Dark Project' to play Wordle just after midnight, and the word was right there in the title of the open browser tabs. For some reason I tried "tiger" first, which has already been an answer. DUH!!!
    Congrats on powering through it, Mark! Well done indeed! I love watching your thought process. 👏👏👏

  15. I don't know why he doesn't try to get all his vowels in the first two lines like I do. You then know what you are dealing with even if you get a correct letter on the first line you just ignore it on the second line to get your other vowels in!

  16. Never would have got this cause apparently I've been spelling thief wrong my whole life

  17. Got it in 3: shirt, think, thief. Took some thought but I had good info from those first two.

  18. We actually got it in one. My son had just finished a game where he was playing a “thief”. Completely random. First and most likely one first ever.

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