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Wordle in a Minute – 13th March 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Mark has another crack at getting Wordle done in a minute or less – starting with CHEST today


  1. in exactly 30 seconds! this video was posted on my birthday 🎉

  2. i somehow managed to get it in two guesses! SHARK > BLAME i have no idea how i managed to but i was very pleased

  3. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter body parts, alphabetically

    I don’t know of any D body parts, or any C ones that come after “chest”. So, I think tomorrow’s word might be ELBOW

    EDIT: as pointed out by the comments, DIGIT is a D body part

  4. I got to BLA_E in two, and still almost lost, got to BLAME on the sixth try.

  5. I had a couple of different options on this one but I finally guessed the right one for once.

  6. I got this in 3 and went all green. Scone>Brave>Blame

  7. (BLAME, BLAZE, BLADE, BLANE, BLAKE) That could have been a bad one.

  8. I'm loving your little commentary at the end where you reflect on the word! Also yesss more alphabet sequencing!!

  9. I had a very tough time with this one…

  10. Used BRAIN as my first guess and that helped to get it in two!
    For some reason my streak of 128 just got reset… didn't even miss a day!

  11. I did MISTY – AMORE – BLAME

    Quite a lucky third guess. Blade was also an option

  12. Got this one in 4: shirt, alone, clade, blame. In retrospect clade was a rather strange guess, but it was very informative!

  13. I look forward to these, Mark. Thank you.


    This was sort of miraculous. After two guesses with zero hits, all I wanted was some different letters. I was incredibly surprised by the sudden flood of all greens.

  15. SPARE -> BLADE -> BLAME (I didn't even think about blaze lol)

  16. I got this in 2 because I started with BIRTH. Still a lot of luck to guess the other four letters correctly on the second guess but I was very happy to get the B right off the bat!

  17. Looking forward until it's P's turn … 🙂

  18. This one broke my streak (hard mode hell… turns out there are lots of __A_E words…) RAISE – CHAFE – AGAVE – QUAKE – ELATE – PLANE

    BLAME isn't even a hard word, I was clearly trying too hard!

  19. Very nice avoiding hard mode hell, Mark! 👏👏
    …As for me, I tried BEAMY before BLAME. I should not be allowed to play Wordle.
    See you tomorrow!!

  20. This streak is unprecedented Mark. I would love to see you compete at the wordle championships

  21. It was an all green for me

  22. Got this one in two with a pretty lucky first guess

  23. "CHEST" was a throwback to the "wordle in 5 minutes" video

  24. I lost that one. Tried blade and blaze…

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