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Wordle in a Minute – 13th June 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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There are times when the people who set the Wordle for the day pick a ‘word’, and many players don’t really know whether that answer IS a word …


  1. Did this one in two.
    tacos –> plunk

    I started with tacos for taco Tuesday. When that failed to give me any green or yellow, I used my surname and was pleasantly surprised.

  2. I thought this would stump you and others. But great guys with blink!

  3. I consider myself to have a pretty good English vocabulary, but this is the first time I've never heard of the Wordle word. I basically got it because I guessed "flunk" and "p" was the only first letter that made a plausible sounding word.

  4. I’m guessing “PLONK” is a future starting work in this sequence, what a shame it didn’t align with today’s answer!

  5. I had never heard of the PLUNK word before this – I'm glad Mark was doubtful and didn't think of it straight away either 🙂

  6. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter alcoholic drinks, alphabetically

    I think IRISH could be next, for Irish cream, but if not, maybe JAGER? KALUA? Is that a Wordle word?

  7. RENAL -> PLONK -> PLUNK – I tend to use plank as a second word, and this was a slight adaptation.

  8. 4 for me. I don't think I've come across plunk before but after my 3rd guess it was the only choice. Tough>Plume>Pluck>Plunk

  9. Huh, TIL for the first time that the familiar word PLUNK is an Americanism, usually "plunk down", and the British form is apparently "PLONK". The American version is rarely if ever used for a sound.

  10. Never heard or used plunk in my life, so I did have to do a bit of experimenting.

  11. I was annoyed with this one! Thought of PLUNK as a third word but dismissed it until go 5.


  13. A pretty standard 4… EARNT/CLINK/PLONK/PLUNK

  14. I used plunk to try and narrow down the options. I was surprised it was accepted, and shocked it was correct!

  15. SPARE -> PUNCH -> POINT -> PLUNK (ruh roh… I could've had this in three! "point" was a wasted guess… forgot to use the "u"… I don't play in hard mode but I usually try to play as if I were unless I get down to a hard mode heck situation and need to do an elimination word).

  16. I'm glad my solve was eerily similar and this just was a weird word. I even tried KLUNK as well, but it didn't accept it as a word.

  17. Down to my last go and had to choose between plunk and klunk. I chose klunk!! It didn't accept it😂 so plunk scraped it in 6. ❤

  18. I think I’ve seen the word plunk often in some videogame. Like maybe it was some skill in LoL or DotA 2? Immediately thought of it on your fourth guess for that reason

  19. Should have gone with my first instinct of PLANK for my 2nd guess after Drink, but knowing that was a recent answer, I went with Flank instead to eventually get there on 4 instead of the potential 3.


    All greens for me, as well, getting one new letter every time. Satisfying.

  21. SMOUT–> UNDER –> PHIAL –> PLUNG –> PLUNK Glad I threw in PHIAL to just test some vowels and letter today.

  22. Got it in three but much slower, as always.

    At least there were only 4 vowels left to go through.

  24. I got to _LUNK with S and F ruled out and I admit I I did check if plunk was a word before I played it but it was the only thing that made any remote sense.

  25. The confidence in the word being "slunk" was tangible lol

  26. I really enjoy seeing these regularly every morning. Thanks a bunch Mark. Keep up the good work

  27. In baseball, when a pitcher hits the batter accidentally with a pitch, the pitcher is said to have "plunked" the batter. Common idiom

  28. day 11 of Phpht which is slightly less useless than marks word

    phpht > pleas > plunk

    lucky second guess aswell.

  29. Maybe I've played quarter-bounce too many times, but PLUNK wasn't so weird to me. 😛
    "Curses!" love it!!! 🤣 But, you were not foiled by this evil Wordle 👏🎉👏

  30. What even is "PLUNK"? I guessed it only because all other possibilities sounded clunky with the remaining letters I had…

  31. Lucky me, got it in 3: LIGHT > PLANK > PLUNK

  32. I got this in 4 — SHIRT, ALONE, CLUNG, PLUNK — but I agree with the consensus that PLUNK is really only barely a word and is hardly fair. I mean, I use the word in conversation, but I'd never write it in a paper or on a document I was giving to students!

  33. Plunk is a common word here in the US, I'm assuming it isn't in other countries?

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