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Wordle in a Minute – 12th January 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Trying to get Wordle done – in a minute – in Hard Mode – while the first word is part of a book review!


  1. Aw, it sounded like there was going to be a good "leap" joke at the end but you got cut off

  2. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: A review of Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare”(ghostwritten by J.D. Moehringer)

    No idea what the next one could be honestly

  3. I start with "sześć" then "drift" and then "polak". Or, in 6-letter ones "groźba" then "sztych", and then "wielką".

  4. Mark's voice sound oddly higher pitched here?

  5. I forgot to solve this one, was too busy. Byebye streak…

  6. Got it in 3 using yesterday’s starting word: SPARE-PEACH-LEAPT.

  7. Spare Harry Maken Strike Backs Print Swill Night Mayor

  8. I got it in three different words though I need to start screenshotting my memory is rubbish. My heart sank after least and leant I know I guessed leapt because it somehow stuck out to me I think leant was still possible for me. Can’t think of another word but does anyone know if leapt was the only option he had left?

  9. Did you speed this up to keep it under 1 minute? That’s cheating 😀

  10. Tried plate before leapt. Petal is another anagram

  11. I started with GRAPE which is not a word I'd normally use, but I do change my starting word everyday and wanted some different letters

    This was a very good guess as I knew the E had to be first or second then. I couldn't see a word beginning with E so it had to be second. I took a few seconds to have a think but LEAPT seemed the only option and it was correct

    I've had loads of threes but I haven't had a two for a long while

  12. As Mark said I went
    least leant leapt
    Thought I had a 2!!

  13. I started with alert, which got me a whole bunch of yellows, and then spent a couple of guesses getting to least. For there I also went to leant and leapt, which I don't like because proper English (in America) uses -ed rather than -t

  14. With psalm and leapt, this solve went through some unusual corners of English 🙂


  15. I didn't start with it, but I definitely got there via LEAST.

  16. “I recently…” … I do love your reactions! I start with a different word every day because it’s more interesting to me, but I know people who always start with the same word. Thanks, Mark, this was very fun.

  17. Has this been pitch shifted? Your voice sounds like half octave higher.

  18. It's so much more fun to start with random words rather than just going with Least. Because worldebot suggests is the best

  19. Om my goodness, Mark. You nearly made a cats arse of that!

  20. Crane > Leash > Leaky > Leave > Leapt, thankfully I stumbled into hard mode hell early on so I had plenty of room for guesses.

  21. My starting word is LEAST and I luckily picked LEAPT and got it in two.

  22. Streak was at 88, so I started with PIANO followed by SPARE and LEAPT

  23. I had PLATE as my third guess, which might be the first time I've had all the correct letters but not quite in the right positions. Gave me a chuckle.

  24. Not one to brag but I opened with “salet” and got it in two. Great start to the day.

  25. Ya, I like either Least or Feast as a starter.

  26. I often start with STEAL so was able to get it in two

  27. it was my lucky day yesterday: TRAIN – LEAPT !

  28. Is it just me or is your voice a bit different?

  29. DEALT is my new go-to starter. So, I had 3 green and 1 yellow and got LEAPT in 2

  30. Mark narrowly avoided hard-mode h— because there are only 3 possible words lea*t! Lucky as ever. I got it in 4: shirt, alone, lacet, leapt (which, for this American, is the proper past tense of leap).

  31. Wow, you really worked to cram that into a short format. Sounds just a tiny bit like you took helium. 🤭
    Congrats on not getting rattled, and getting it in the end! See you tomorrow!

  32. The confident ending x3 made me chuckle. I had a similar pattern. Thief>Leant>Least>Leapt

  33. The ups and downs of Mark's expectation vs surprise for those final three guesses was good fun

  34. 😆 I didn't consider LEAST being a popular starting word! I did get this in two though! SPARE –> LEAPT

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