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Wordle in a Minute – 12th April 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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The Most Devious Cryptic regularly published is The Times Monthly Club Special, for Crossword Club members. Last month’s is by Richard Rogan, from March 2023, and can be viewed on CtC’s Patreon in a couple of days’ time: . Meanwhile, Mark attempts Wordle in a Minute again …


  1. Borax used to be a household name back when slime was a thing

  2. wow, didn't know, kauri is a tree. as a German native speaker, Kauri is both the spelling of the tree and of the mollusc cowrie which is rather well-known for its shell's use as currency

  3. This one terrified me, I was on my sixth guess, and I have learned from playing quordle that "borak" is also a word. They both seemed equally ridiculous, lucky I guessed right and kept my streak going.

  4. Got robbed on this one. Started with BORED and proceeded to lose guesses to a word I'd never heard of. Finally got it on my sixth guess with some trial and error.

  5. This one broke my streak of 181. So here we go again.. Day one

  6. Managed three as well. Atone, moral, borax. Second guess gave me the middle three, and then not many options for the solution. Thanks Mark, enjoy WIAM each day.

  7. your idea of it being "given to you" differs wildly from mine

  8. Got it in 5
    Store -> Rough -> Foray -> Molar -> Borax

  9. I unfortunately lost my streak of 48 on this one. Such a bummer, but with English as my second language I am still proud of that streak.

  10. I watched Nerdle Neil's video and he was struggling on this. It took him twelve minutes

    I took six attempts – FLAKE – TAPIR – SMARM – ARROW – FORAY – BORAX

    Smarm wasn't really a good choice as A couldn't have been third and I used two M's. I tried Foray knowing F was wrong but I just had to try something and place the A and O. I'm not sure what made me try Borax

    I associate Borax with washing clothes, but not sure whether anyone still uses it

  11. This fell into “I feel like I’ve heard this word before”

  12. 3 guesses?? HOW?? I've never even heard of this word, and I botched it. First time in ages.
    I started with STARE -> GROAN -> POLAR -> FORAY, and then I was completely stuck for half an hour until I gave up and just went through all possible options, thinking that surely there aren't more than 2 valid options left.
    I ended with DORAD and HORAH – two words I've never heard of. Apparently there was JORAM and KORAI available as well, another two words I've never heard of!


    I was trying hard to find a different word for my 3rd guess, because I didn't want to guess an X. I'm glad that I couldn't think of another.

  14. This solve might've taken me the longest of any I've done so far. It really just ended with me trying combinations of letters that vaguely sounded like it could be a word.

  15. As someone whose english is not their first language, this word was a difficult one. Got it in 6 after trying several combinations.

  16. At the end of Mark's video two days ago, he said he'd catch up in two days. I had no idea what he was talking about but now we do – the streak being half his playing days. A recherche achievement.

  17. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: 5-letter trees, alphabetically

    LEMON or LARCH could be the L tree. I think LILAC and LOTUS are also trees?

  18. Tough words recently. I'd never heard of 'borax' or 'snafu' before.

  19. Nice. My start word that day was BREAK and I got it in two, my first two for several weeks. Felt good to do well on what is quite an uncommon word.

  20. Had a bit of a hard mode heck going on. Shear mORAt fORAy kORAn cORAl BORAX

    Didn't know the word, so it was mostly brute forcing the answer in the end

  21. I'm a chemist and I use it every day you fool!

  22. This was annoying.
    Auger – Chart – Moral – Foray – Borax
    That streak is nuts! Mine is currently 73 with 221 played.

  23. I thought borax was a strange word, but I have definitely used it and have a box of it in my laundry room. I’ve also mixed it with water and Elmer’s glue to form an interesting substance that is not sticky, flows when poured, snaps when pulled quickly … I used to make it for my son to play with when he was a child. Thanks, as always, Mark.

  24. Mark, are you OK? You seem a bit under the weather.🤒 If so, feel better soon.

  25. This one broke my streak, to my chagrin. I was so stuck after placing the "ORA" that my final guess was dorad. Haha

  26. SNORT -> ROUGH -> WORDY -> FORCE -> BORAX. Americans of a certain age will remember the TV series Death Valley Days, hosted for a time by one Ronald Reagan, and sponsored by the oddly named product 20 Mule Team Borax.

  27. This was quite challenging. For some reason I though borax was a brand name rather than a chemical compound. I'm not sure why I had that association though. Sauce>Plant>Foray>Borax


    I was reaching at the end. Didn't expect MORAN to even be accepted. Meh.

  29. I got Borax in two, completely by accident and I'm still reeling from that!

  30. It's so frustrating that I got QUALM in 2 but was unable to get this one at all.

  31. I had no idea this word exist.
    I highly suspected that it BORA_ on third guess (after BLADE->BARON), and just tried hitting my head over the keyboard with BORAK, BORAS, BORAX without any idea what these sequences of letters even are.

  32. this wordle was hellish, I ended trying all the posible combinations on the last try


  33. it's fortuitous how helpful these odd tree names are being each day. I'm continuing to use your previous day's word for my start, so JAMBU gave me the B and A, I think I used BREAK as my 2nd to be in the same position to have BORAX given in 3. took me quite a bit longer to think of it though.

  34. Kauri is a tree… somewhere in the world 🤣
    I always thought "borax" was a brand name, not to be separated from "20-Mule Team". lol
    Congrats on getting a very unusual word in 3 tries and 27 seconds, Mark! Wowsers… 👏👏👏

  35. I’m surprised how many people have never heard of borax. While I’m not 100% sure of the chemical nature of it, I’ve always heard of it as a household chemical such as baking soda, vinegar etc.

  36. Lost my streak of 97 to the little devil… our ideas of "given" certainly differ lmao

  37. As far as I'm concerned, this remains, and always will remain, the most wholesome content on the internet

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