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Wordle in a Minute – 11th May 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Another attempt at Wordle in sixty seconds or less – in Hard Mode …


  1. After getting O and R right off, I had the devil's own time finding the rest of the letters. SNORT > GROWL > CROAK > PROUD > FROZE > BROOM

  2. Barely got it
    Video -> Afoul -> Broth -> Brown -> Brook -> Broom

  3. Took me a full 6 goes as well:

  4. Double O takes quite a few attempts to find, since one would naturally try other vowels. R is common, but B and M not so much. Difficult word.

  5. "So I've tried all the vowels…"
    Y goes to cry in a corner

    Went better for me. 🙂

  6. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, a poem by Robert Frost

    The next 5-letter word in the poem is WATCH, but that would skip a line and a half of the poem…

  7. Streak saved!!! Identifying the double O was great, but left little room for error.

  8. HOUSE-FRONT-GROWL-BROOD-BROOK-BROOM. Phew. I’m assuming WATCH is up next unless Mark takes some liberty with a non-5 letter word in the poem (which hasn’t been done thus far).

  9. SPARE -> WRONG -> BROTH -> BROOM (I almost did BROIL next to avoid a double letter but jut had a gut feeling on this one! 🧹)

  10. This one got me to 200 in my streak! Only 11 more to the Mark mark. 🤞

  11. That was hard mode hell down the ro path for me…arise, froth, group, crown, broom

  12. House > Block > Brood > Broom was my solve path.

  13. Love this. Makes me smile. Thanks, Mark.


    Don't worry, Mark. I also prefer flowing water over instruments of cleaning.

  15. Isn't it a better strategy to pick a word without O in the forth slot on the third guess here? The chance of guessing correctly on the third guess with this little information is almost zero, so I reckon it would be better to try to get information on 5 new letters instead of just 4.

  16. Fortunately, I didn't think of brook 🙂 EARNT/ROUGH/PRIOR/BROOM

  17. Kept the streak alive, and it's a win! 👏👏👏
    Thanks for the video, Mark! I could sense you were disappointed, I'm sorry for that. You made us happy. 😁

  18. This was an awkward little bugger. Right>Caper>Drown>Brook>Broom

  19. Thought about guessing brook first but somehow went with broom instead. 4 guesses

  20. This is this first time I've seen Mark guess wrong when faced with 2 possibilities! I was beginning to wonder. 😅

  21. At the fifth guess possible answers were Broom, Brook, and Crook. Brook is the best fifth guess since the way it is wrong tells you which of the remaining two is right.

  22. TRIBE -> BROOM
    This was my first time guessing it in two.

  23. five for me , PESTO – ROCKY – MOURN – AROMA – BROOM. All good guesses and interesting words but wrong until the end !

  24. Anyone played virtual scrabble with this. Opening Guess Value vs Correct Word Value ?

  25. I was down to BROOM and GROOM with two guesses left. Got it in 5. In Mark's scenario, it could have also been CROOK.

  26. SLATE->DRUNK->BROOM Super lucky to have gotten in 3.

  27. Close one! I was glad I guessed the repeated O right because I couldn't really find anything else.

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