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Wordle in a Minute – 10th May 2023

Cracking The Cryptic
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Another attempt to get Wordle done in a minute or less …


  1. 5 on this one
    Order -> Ample -> Chest -> Fetch -> Ethic

  2. Mark’s opening word streak currently:


    Theme: “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, a poem by Robert Frost

    I don’t know what could be next honestly. The next words should be “I know”, but “are I” was skipped, so maybe this is only the 5-letter words in the poem, so THINK is next?

    EDIT: HOUSE, not THINK. Sorry!

  3. I had a 5 on this one. All yellow until my final guess. Splay>Ingot>Timer>White>Ethic

  4. 3 on this one: entry –> elect –> ethic. E is a bit lucky to be green at the start since it occurs much more often in each of the other positions.

  5. Got this one in 5 but forgot to write it down and can't remember my first two guesses.
    ? – ? – DITCH – ITCHY – ETHIC

  6. Got it in 5 – another Wordle that almost tells a story 🙂

  7. THINK-SIXTH-ITCHY-ETHIC. I believe HOUSE will be next up.

  8. Nice job! SPARE -> MELON -> EVICT -> ETHIC

  9. "Okay, so the answer is ETHIC" is very telling when it comes to Mark's grasp of vocabulary.

  10. For never having the E, "think" I did pretty well😊 — Think, Hitch, Itchy, Ethic.

  11. I got t, h, i from my first word SHIRT but the ight pattern didn't occur to me, with the result that it took me 5 to get this: SHIRT, THINK, WIDTH, ALONE (I'm not in hard mode and I wanted to know about vowels), and finally ETHIC. Not as elegant as Mark's version!


    I had a similar fear as Mark did, thinking we might have another _ATCH word at first. Thankfully not the case.

  13. Nicely done, Mark!
    I had nothing but a green "I" for 3 guesses, and got it on the 4th. What a strange Wordle.

  14. Another 2: STERN -> ETHIC
    Only so many letters that can go in front of a t once the s is eliminated.

  15. Forgot to play it because of being sick… there goes my streak :/

  16. Ok, hear me out. It's my third guess in one try in 3 months, I can't believe it I went from DUVET to JOKER to ETHIC and almost changed ethic as the day after JOKER the answer was LOGIC and I sincerely didn't think it would be a ____IC word so close, but here am I.

    As a non-native speaker I can say that my 1 are getting close to my 3

    I think my next starting word will be SLACK, let's see how long it takes for the 4th 1

  17. Mark, you are right, it could've been tight. The fight could've lasted all night. In hardmode heck with the light just out of sight, there just might have been eight possibilities. (Here's another pitch. You also would've had a hitch, a real son of a witch, if you had gotten stuck in a different ditch)

  18. This kind of gave me an idea – if I'm anticipating hard mode hell like Mark was here, I should think forward and find out what letters I will need to confirm or eliminate to make it easier.
    For example, Mark from the very first guess thought this might be a word ending in IGHT – so then you'd find out what common words fall into that – RIGHT, SIGHT, FIGHT, LIGHT, MIGHT (I didn't include TIGHT because of the T), and then you try to make a word using as many of those letters as possible – SMURF for instance would eliminate S, M, R, F.

    Just sharing because I was excited to have come with a plan, even if an obvious one 😛

  19. light might wight sight fight right

    aight bight dight pight hight

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