Wordle Feb 14th, 2022 - Can you guess the word? - wordle.plus

Wordle Feb 14th, 2022 – Can you guess the word?

Sean Plays
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Hi everyone! Today Sean plays Wordle, a fun word logic puzzle.
Can you get the word in fewer guesses? Give it a shot at the link below:


  1. WTF!! 🙂 I was sure that would test you as it did me. I went with CONIC before CYNIC. Well done my friend, well done!

  2. Same. AEGIS and YOURN. Thanks to you.

  3. Thought the world will be related to valentines day and started with crush and it was easy to find

  4. Took me 5 today – you scored! I may switch from Round to Yourn for my second word! Aegis—Round—Linin— Innit—Cynic

  5. Hi Sean
    I'm back with another suggestion 🤣
    It's 'Quordle'
    4 wordles together, best of luck 😁

  6. I loss today. First time 😓 Impressive how you got it in 3

  7. Impressive! Took me 4 today in hard mode: SIREN>INPUT>CLINK>CYNIC

  8. AUDIO > RESIN > INNIT > ***
    Today's video is surprisingly short hahaha

  9. Good job. STARE, OUIJA, VIVID, CYNIC (needed VIVID in case there were two "I's").

  10. Amazing!! You never fail to amaze me, that was incredible. This is one of my favorite words in a long time. The two C’s and a Y as the second letter is really tricky. Took me 5: STERN -> AUDIO -> LIPIN -> NYMPH -> CYNIC. 3rd guess was awful, I already knew the N wasn’t in that spot. Fairly certain I could have gotten this in 4, but oh well. Still lots of fun

  11. I had my first 2 today! My standard first word is CANOE.

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