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Wordle Clones Are Driving Me Insane

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SUBSCROBE = 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩⬜🟩🟩 – see if you can solve that one.


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  1. My mom unironically plays Duotrigordle and I can't understand it

  2. He didntl't even try semantle?
    Semantle is the best wordle clone ever imo

  3. should’ve made him do the semantle and watch him truly lose his mind

  4. Anyone solve the description because I'm stuck.

  5. And from this stream Atriocle was born from the Reddit

  6. The vod of this ruined my night. I started off wanting to watch it for a few minutes before bed because I had an early morning the next day. Like 3 hours later I had beaten every version of the duotrigordle ones

  7. I first tried absurdly in 6 guesses. LETS GOOOOO!!!!!

  8. I'm first live stream I join was mid lotr with the song, left immediately

  9. only took 1 year to get a new thumbnail pic of big A. we're proud of u buddy good work

  10. chemo didn't come in clutch with my grandmother😔

  11. The fact that the og Wordle word was “train”, that’s always my basic guess😂

  12. I would’ve loved to see him try Semantle and mald for an hour

  13. where is the new hitman target miami video coming out. did you cancel it or is it just taking a long time to edit

  14. Don’t tell me he just said “You guys don’t say fancy when your trying to get hot and heavy” bro wtf

  15. Semantle is another good one for the time you never do this again…

  16. Absolute banger of a new thumbnail face

  17. props to the dude who sang ed sheeran in front of everybody that was fire

  18. Last time Atrioc tried Wordle clones, a commenter said there wasn’t any strategy in Letterle.

    Atrioc proved them wrong by guessing the same letter 26 times in a row. Now, Atrioc proves them wrong once again by guessing a number.

    WP King 👑
    Sigma AF 🥶🥶🥶

  19. I usually start out with train on Wordle so I wanted him to try it, when it actually turned out to be train… I was shocked.

  20. Squirdle is actually super fun I play it every day

  21. Never got into wordle but why not, this is good procrastination fodder

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