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WORDLE chooses what I read

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*warning that I spoil today’s Wordle halfway through the video lol. don’t watch if you haven’t played 221 yet



  1. I’ve played Wordle 17 days in a row with success but I’m not ready for the day I don’t get it. How will I move on? How will I just live my life after that? I’m dreading it, it’s only a matter of time.

  2. great. now I have to finally get into wordle 🙄

    I hope you feel better. 💕

  3. Me knowing what word was coming, how is she gonna find that lol

  4. I hope you’re feeling better 🥺
    I indeed will try Wordle 🤓

  5. Yep. Never heard of Wordle until this vlog… Downloaded it and now… I say nothing else. 😂

  6. Ok what the heck I started playing wordle exactly 7 days ago too 🤣

  7. I had never played Wordle but I went and tried it during your video and I got it on the 4th row! So I feel okay about it and I will keep playing!

  8. Those camera transitions at the start were so satisfying wow

  9. my extended family sends their wordle scores into our family groupchat every morning. My dad gives "subtle hints" at some point in the day and it's literally going to tear the family apart. He's going to get kicked out of our 25 person groupchat

  10. I managed to go this long without knowing what wordle was and now I just stopped this video half way through to go play. Got it in 3 and now I'm hooked.

  11. Rabbit book – The Year of the Hare by Arto Paasilinna. I haven't read it, it's on my TBR, but just in case you might want more rabbit options. I've already been sucked into Wordle so I had to make sure I'd already played the date you were going to show. I also got Covid this month – for my birthday no less! Feeling better now but my experience was a smorgasbord of different symptoms that kept changing – how many different ways can one feel crappy? Turns out, a lot of different ways! And I love that you will add the t-rex book to your Goodreads count. YES! Hope you feel better soon.

  12. Oh my goodness if you two made a podcast I would 1000000% listen to that. Also I love that you vlog in bed because I am self conscious about even taking bad photos in bed. And even though you look Great in all those clips it makes me feel seen. After typing all that I feel like that came out way wrong but I don’t know how less to say it so I really hope you are not offended. Love your content 🥰🤦‍♀️

  13. Wordle is what I look forward to in the morning now. And my family sends each other scores every day in the group chat 😂 hope you feel better soon!

  14. OK Kayla, you want another coincidence?? I ALSO always start with ADIEU…🤯

  15. Oh no I’m so sorry you got Covid. I hope you feel better soon, I wish you a speedy recovery

  16. There is a book called Sugar that I've heard really good things about.

  17. The first Wordle you did was the only one I got in 2 guesses and all I hade to go on the first guess was "u". Still don't know how I did it

  18. Had to go back & watch that transition again 🤩

  19. Wait, aren't you supposed to isolate?

  20. I’ve had sugar run on my tbr for 3 years and had completely forgotten what it was about, it’s so weird seeing it here.

  21. I always start with the word Pearl for absolutely no reason. Also, try absurdle if you want a challenge 🙂 I hope you feel better soon!

  22. Love the review of the kids book. I have a kindergartener who is gonna love having those read to her. 🙂

  23. Which video do you read The Invisible Life of Addie Larue in? I see that you read it on goodreads but I can’t find it😭

  24. I’ve been playing Wordle for 2 weeks. I don’t post/share scores on social, though. (Todays word was spoiled when I saw your IG pic 😆.)

  25. Decided to finally try Wordle a few minutes into this video 😅. Had to pause this to go try it, and proud to say I got it on the 4th try!

  26. Literally never heard of Wordle til yesterday and now I’ve seen so many posts about it. I ain’t gonna play it but this was a fun idea!!

  27. You have absolutely convinced me to play this game and this was cute regardless of the challenges and book flop

  28. Had to immediately look it up and I am Friday’s child is loving and giving
    Fun! ♥️👶🏻🎁

  29. Hey bestie, i hope you feel better soon 💓

  30. I saw your Instagram post about your wordle vlog and then I cracked and played lol.

    Hope you feel better!

  31. Sorry about the vlog turning into a Covid vlog. My parents are currently isolating because they're positive as well.

    Feel better soon!

    Edit: also yes you convinced me to play Wordle because you're the only person I've seen explain it and now I understand it better. 😂

  32. at first: "no way, not even a little interested in this hip new Wordle thing"
    just 10 minutes ago: /anxiously waits for the reset to try my first time/

  33. ok I caved in, I just did my first wordle xD I did get it in 3 tries yay

  34. The older I get, the more convinced I am that as we get older, we turn more and more into our parents… This video and the one where you read your mom‘s favorites convinced me of that even more. 😂

  35. all your videos are amazing
    you're a queen when it comes to reading queens

  36. Burnt sugar is a beautiful and heartbreaking book

  37. A Queer adult fiction book I read this month was ‘Everyone in this Room will Someday be Dead’ and it has a rabbit on the cover 🐇 I gave it 4.5 stars, it was a really quick read and I really enjoyed it!

  38. I’ve missed one word. Proxy. 😑 It haunts me.

  39. You come up with such fun ideas od what to read next, love it. Hope you feel better soon.

  40. Great vlog! 🙂 Hope you feel better soon ❤

  41. 2/6 on KNOLL??? most people got eliminated on that word… i dont even know what that word means

  42. Hope you manage to start feeling better soon! But wanted to jump in to ask if you've seen/heard of The Constant Rabbit by Jasper Fforde? I'm just under 50 pages and I think it might be your kind of book?

  43. These camera angle changes had me shooketh and I loved it – now I have to assume there is a secret reason for you doing it 😂

  44. liked before 1st minute was completed ^^
    Love wordle and love you! such a good idea

  45. What’s the video where rob bought Kayla mushrooms by mistake? I’ve been trying to find it

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