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Wordle but its 3 LETTERS!

Whos Suda
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  1. Translate kar from Albanian to English

  2. For TEH last i was liek what Abt jar though

  3. Bro translate home to Maltese and it is dar

  4. There’s 1065 three letter words and he still gets it

  5. I find it funny how the three letter word is harder than pretty much all the other options but it’s first

  6. Subbing too evrey one who subs to me says:

    When doing a three letter word thing I got a first try

  7. I do three letters all the time and most of the time, I get them in 6.

  8. I beat your score but I ain’t gonna count it since it was the same words as yours. I’ll try again tomorrow!

  9. I played and got it on my second time it was the same word as yours

  10. You should try thirdle it’s wordless but only three guesses

  11. I said gay as usual 💀💀💀💀💀💀

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