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Wordle any% Speedrun in 0.53s

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  1. What the heck this is getting so many viewsHello new viewers we do wordles fast here. Sometimes we even do several of them fast in a row. We may even be as crazy as to do several of them fast at once 😳If wordling fast interests you feel free to subscribety

  2. Damn I wish I can type that fast 😂

  3. The next step to beat this is find the word with the shortest keyboard distance when typing and keep trying it until its the first word

  4. I actually did that randomly when I was trying a new strat I found in yt XD

  5. Imagine having thanos glove and type fast as u can

  6. Yo that is some speed. Not F1 reaction time speed, but good enough lol.

  7. Practithilogistioanithioligistionists says:

    Fun fact: I got it first try twice and it was the same word 😂

  8. Exact same thing happened to me with flame, brick, podgy, shunt I got flame first try

  9. I don’t get what this means but it looks like you did something good 😀

  10. Ye last time i used flame for a starter and got ir correct first try

  11. This is a prime example of a person just having a really good gaming chair

  12. Fun fact: I got 11 letter wordle in first try and it was centrifugal

  13. this has happened to me as well like 4 hours ago, I was using ur strat btw

  14. finally took this behemoth of a time down, this is no longer wr. just got a 0.25s run

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