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Wordle 518 – 19 November 2022 #Shorts

Chris Remo
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  1. 73 is the number of minutes given to each side in a game of Curling. Not sure how you could use this, maybe adapt into CURLY or STONE (for the object they slide).

  2. STEAR, ALERT, AVERT for me, nice clean one.

  3. Start with SHELL for 73 because according to SHELLdon Cooper of the Big Bang theory, 73 is the best number!

  4. it didn't feel stumbling to me. a good solve!
    Interesting how the letters AVERTED getting green

  5. 1973 was the year with the most dominant sports win in history with Secretariat at the Belmont. So you can use HORSE

  6. You never cease to impress me Chris! 😎

  7. Out of curiosity, do you usually pick commenter’s suggestions for this current streak?

  8. Wordle 518 4/6





  9. This reference is a bit dark but Pinochet's coup happened in 1973 in CHILE, which is a valid word

  10. Am I the only one who watches his videos waiting when he loses?😂
    (btw, great job Chris!👏)

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